Donald Trump Fires Back at Robert De Niro: ‘He's Not the Brightest Bulb’

Acting giant and the curiously coiffed real-estate mogul lock horns over President Obama's birth certificate

Having gained the support of noted intellectual giant Gary Busey, Donald Trump has now deemed Robert De Niro less than bright for for dissing his plan to run for president.

The dispute between the acting giant and the curiously coiffed real-estate mogul began over the weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, when De Niro dismissed Trump's potential run for the White House as "crazy."

According to the Daily Beast, the Oscar-winning actor told NBC News anchor Brian Williams, "I won't mention names, but there are certain people on the news in the last couple of weeks — what they're doing is crazy …They're making statements about people that they don't even back up. Go get the facts before you start saying things about people."

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De Niro's reluctance to name-drop aside, Williams pinned down the target of De Niro's ire by asking, "Any of those people have shows on my network on Sunday night?" (Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" runs on NBC Sundays.) De Niro responded in the affirmative, before characterizing Trump's White House aspirations "a big hustle" and likening Trump himself to "a car salesman."

An irate Trump fired back at De Niro during an interview with "Fox & Friends" Monday morning, calling De Niro's intelligence into question.

"Well he's not the brightest bulb on the planet," Trump opined during the phone interview. "I’ve been watching him over the years, and I like his acting, but you know in terms of when I watch him doing interviews and various other things, we’re not dealing with Albert Einstein."

As for Trump making statements that he can't back up, as De Niro claims? The Donald reasserted his skepticism over President Barack Obama's birthplace, which has been a major plank of Trump's as-yet-undeclared candidacy.

"[De Niro] can say what he wants, but the fact is that this guy has not revealed his birth certificate and a lot of people agree with me," Trump asserted during the "Fox & Friends" interview.

Trump, who recently placed second among potential Republican candidates in a New Hampshire poll, has not been without his detractors since declaring his political aspirations.

During an appearance on NBC's "Today," Bill Cosby opined that Trump is "full of it," adding that he should "run, or shut up."

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell has also taken his digs at Trump, saying, “the depths of [his] ignorance of the American government would not get him past a citizenship test.”

Jerry Seinfeld, meanwhile, canceled an appearance at a fundraiser for a foundation run by Trump's son because Seinfeld disagrees with the birther aspect of Trump's candidacy

Watch Trump return fire at De Niro on "Fox & Friends" in the video.

  • quietstorms

    At some point Trump may actually have to realize that when everyone criticizes you, the problem may actually be you.

    As for his constant patting himself on the back for his wealth, it's a lot easier to make money when he inherited it along with his name from his daddy instead of building it from nothing.

  • debbird

    Trump is making loads of enemies.

  • jack's back

    I am so over this “comb over” past aged person that constantly thinks he so great. Great about what, he has been lucky not worked hard for his money. He has also not always been successful, people tend to forget. Running for president, he needs to run to the barber and get his hair cut, his way of doing business is as old as his hairdo. When you can ‘honestly’ stand there and say that you made money and helped others to make money, that you earned earnest, with help from no one, then come and brag as much as you want. I see a man that is not humble in his ways, he lives a life style that is in excess and does not represent the American. In celebrity apprentice, he clearly showed that he kept on Busey for other reasons than business reasons, that is of how good of a business man he is. He is a looser point blank, in everyway he comes.

  • Gordon Franklin Terry, Sr.

    Trump is a heck of a fighter. What do the Gallup polls say? Do people want Trump as president?

    Seeing how much of a fighter Donald Trump may be, is President Obama's safety a concern?

    Is it conceivable that Donald Trump may harm The President of the United States in order to gain ground in his bid for presidency? (Donald Trump may be a dirty fighter and a sore loser to match.)

  • Budowarr9

    He's a blowhard but in this instance he's 100% correct. Obama keeps fighting lawsuits to see his actual birth certificate (not the certificate of live birth that can be registered at a latter date even tho it is legal in HI) so the question remains: what is Obama hiding??? You don't fight a lawsuit spending your own money if you can just take 2 minutes, show your proof of actual BC and settle it for good. Even the gov of Hi stated he was gonna make it known as he is a close friend of the Obama's and after he started looking he stated it had first been lost, then stated HEPPA laws wouldn't allow him to show the BC but it did exist…. haha… ok. something is amiss and the American People are just turning their heads. When people thought Dan Rather was on to something with the fraudulent national guard story on Bush the world went nuts and everyone wanted to know the truth but curiously the media and the left don't find the “birther” story of any merit?

    • Budowarr9

      meant HEPA, not Heppa….. oopps

  • jack is back

    “The Donald reasserted his skepticism over President Barack Obama's birthplace” well I reassert my skepticism over that Donald Trumps honesty, I believe that DT is doing money laundring, and is involved with the mob. I also reassert that he is worth 2.7 billion dollars, I believe it is more, that money is shuffled to off shore accounts, and I believe that Trump is just another Madoff. So there we go, we can all speculate, but does it really matter what we think, and why are Donald Trump so eagerly going after the birthcertificate, he really must think that everyone are dishonest, it probably is closer to home to Donald Trump. The mind of people works like this; if you think someone else is cheating, that is probably because you are cheating yourself, and you think that if you can do it, and does it, then everyone else is doing it. Donald Trump has always been in my mind a deceptive person, both in business and the way he speaks. He does not speak from his heart, he speaks from the wallet, and people are only as good as long as they are needed, true business quote. DT could not clean up his tarnished past fast enough to election, I hope that he does run for president, then all will be in the open. Anyone that thinks that DT is an good American, think again, on the back of the hard working Americans not by him getting his hand earnestly dirty, those are for the less fortunate.

  • Guest

    It's brilliant free marketing for the Apprentice. I wonder why Obama is spending millions of his campaign contributions to fight the release of his birth certificate. He could end this so quickly.

    • jack is back

      Matter of principal, that is why he is fighting it. Why should he have to, when no other president in the past had to. Just because he is black? or because his parent was from another country? His mother was American, does that count for something?
      I think Donald Trump is all BS, I'd like to see one person that says he is American, when all the ancestors were immigrants. Get over yourself, and move on. This country should not have a clause that requires someone to be an American to make a great leader. All Americans were just that immigrants from the beginning, no one is truly an American, except the Native Americans.

  • Floskid

    when do we get rid of this Troll???????????? NOBODY TAKES YOU SERIOUS DONNY- GO AWAY

  • Metropet2000

    No President has ever been questioned about his citizenship. When someone is seriously considered for the process, he/she is vetted and that information, I must assume, is also confirmed. That Trump is treating his potential candidacy as if it were a three-ring circus meant to hype his show is something I would consider as not only bad form but as very un-patriotic and therefore unAmerican. As for Trump's self-proclaimed intelligence, I have never heard him say anything in anyway comparable to an intelligent comment. That he is set on spewing out allegations that our President might not be born here shows that he has little else to talk about. Where are the issues, Trump? This man is a sorry symbol for what is happening to political discourse in this country. As for his show – which I won't dignify by naming – I suggest you watch at least once. This is a man with dictatorial aspirations. He allows half baked celebrities who have little on their agenda to be treated like victims of a potentate and each other with the final death knell of “You're Fired!” It's human exploitation with the Trump being the only winner. It and he are pathetic.

  • i'm just saying

    Trump a Dump is using race to try to get on top, he is going after black heaters, he is saying that our Pres. plays to much BASKETBALL, that is a race heater thing, did his boy Bush run to much, did Clinton run to much, well Obama does not run he plays basketball, Trump is a Dick piece of Crap. All he is doing is saying chicken shit stuff, he is a dirt bag.