Don Johnson Gets $28M More in ‘Nash Bridges’ Case

A pre-interest judgement gives the “Machete” actor over $51 million in total from suit against Rysher Entertainment

A judge has just given Don Johnson a bag full of justice – $28.5 million in justice to be exact.

That’s how much Don Johnson Productions was awarded in pre-judgment interest Wednesday for the actor’s successful, long-standing suit against Rysher Entertainment for profits from “Nash Bridges.”

The ruling is Johnson’s second “Nash Bridges” windfall this summer. In early July, the actor won $23.2 million for Rysher’s failure to pay him for past profits from the show that he starred in and co-created. On Aug. 25, Judge Michael Stern denied Rysher’s appeal motion for either a new judgement or for a new trial.

“Nash Bridges was my project, and I poured my heart into it,” the 60-year old actor said after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stern’s ruling. “From the beginning, I have asked only that Rysher honor our contract.”

The judge and jury agreed that Johnson had a contract with Rysher that entitled him to 50 percent of the profits from the show.

Earlier this summer, the production company claimed in court that it had lost money on the hit San Francisco cop drama, which Johnson's lawyer said has made over $325 worldwide in revenues.

Neither representatives for Johnson noor Rysher Entertainment immediately responded to requests for comment from TheWrap.

While best known for playing Sonny Crockett on “Miami Vice” in the 1980s, the Golden Globe-winning actor, who currently stars in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete,” fronted “Nash Bridges” from 1996 to 2001. The show, which ran for 122 episodes, is currently in syndication in over 45 countries.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, Mark Holscher, Johnson’s main lawyer, claims that the series could bring in another $50 million in syndication profits over the next few years.