January Jones Pregnancy: ‘Mad Men’ Gets the World's Easiest Write-In

Some real-life pregnancies are a major problem for shows. Not this one

Pregnancies can be tough on shows. "30 Rock" has to hope Tina Fey's pregnancy won't coincide too much with shooting, because given Liz Lemon's work/life balance — all work, no life — she's probably not expecting a kid anytime soon.

But January Jones' pregnancy could arrive at a convenient time for "Mad Men." It could be one of those easy cases where real-life and TV expecting sync perfectly.

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"Mad Men" is set to return early next year, now that show runner Matthew Weiner (with Jones, above) has resolved his contract dispute with AMC and Lionsgate. That means shooting will almost certainly coincide with Jones' pregnancy.

Her character, mother-of-the-decade Betty Draper, already spent much of Season 3 pregnant — just before her marriage collapsed.

With ex-husband Don apparently about to marry his secretary, what better way for her to make him jealous than a baby with new husband Henry Francis? Nothing says you've moved on like having a kid with someone else.

Yes, that's a terrible reason to have a child. But no one's ever looked to poor Betty for parenting advice.

Of course, if Weiner's plans for Betty in the show's fifth season call for more horseback riding, or Betty going back to modeling, there could be a problem.