Jay Leno Calls NBC ‘a Big Number Two’ (Video)

"Tonight Show" host dings bosses again

Jay Leno unloaded on NBC again in his latest monologue, calling the network "a big number two."

He offered the euphemism on Wednesday's "Tonight Show" as NBC prepares to replace him with Jimmy Fallon. Leno has used his monologue to take several other recent digs at NBC, mocking its ratings and calling its executives "snakes."

On Wednesday he noted that NBC's "The Voice" and "Revolution" performed well for the network Monday.

"You know what that means? Between Easter and Passover, this is truly the season of miracles. We’re number two!," he said. "And I've been saying that for the last week, that NBC is a big number two."

He also said that T-Mobile plans to do away with contracts, adding, "Apparently they got the idea from NBC."

Watch the monologue:

  • Sean Murdock

    Hey, Jay, you know who else had a contract with NBC? Conan O'Brien in 2010! You know, when you were hiding in the closet waiting to replace him? Oh, wait — you hid in the closet in 1992 when they were thinking of throwing you out for Letterman. Hard to keep your slimy activities straight sometimes. When you gave NBC an easy way to kick Conan out, you said, Hey, that's showbiz, when they don't like you any more you get fired. Suck it up and take it like a man, Jay.

  • http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepr1xp/index.html unsean

    I know only what I read online (which is admittedly little) but I get the feeling that Leno finds a knife shoved between his shoulder blades uncomfortable, which I would emphasize with if he weren't just a bit overfamiliar with wielding the blade himself.

  • DTAL101

    Give ‘em hell, Jay. Your fans will follow you over to FOX where you will have an even better show.

  • Beth

    Good riddance, Jay. So sorry you're getting well-deserved karma.

  • hupto

    In the first place, Jay didn't “knife” Conan; Conan did it to himself by doing a poor show that few were watching. In the second place, Jay's #1 in late night. Who fires someone who's starring in a top-rated show? Well, if you ask Kathy Bates, she'll tell you: NBC. And finally, getting rid of Jay will kill “Tonight.” The two Jimmys will split the sparse 18-34 crowd, and everyone over 40 will migrate back to Letterman, making HIM #1 again. Nice goin’ there, Einstein.

  • Devin McMusters

    I love Leno when he gets stirred up!

  • Henry T Pertkiewicz Sr

    Jay can't be beat! I ay again the man is everyware, bike runs, showing off his steam engines, Showing off his wind generator over his real big garage ware his stores his many diffrent cars. Now how did I know all that? Because he is into his public,Johnny never did anthing like that. Conan I'm starting to get sick every time I see his Iron on face! He looks bad and I can't understand how his producer don't fier his make-up people. Back to Jay, Even though he has his humor about him If he was to run for President of this fine country of ours he would make a great President because he knows what it's all about, And I for one would vote for the man! ” Jay Leno” For President !!!!! And Happy days are here again!

  • dispute92

    Jay has more class than NBC will ever have. Conan was not what the people wanted at that time spot. Carson was the king of late night. Leno was and is the best replacement out there for this show. Only studio that fires a top show host. I guess they love being in last place. Or…NUMBER TWO as Jay so nicely put it.

  • jrh

    Like jay or not, Leno is #1 in late night…For a network whose ratings are terrible, to get rid of Leno is stupid…