J.J. Abrams to Interview Michelle Obama

On Monday, they'll discuss how the entertainment industry can more realistically portray military families

J.J. Abrams helped Steven Spielberg make it through "Super 8." Michelle Obama helped her husband make it through Super Tuesday. These are two completely un-alike things that mean Abrams and the First Lady have nothing in common — until now.

On Monday at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills, the First Lady will take part in a panel discussion about her Joining Forces initiative. The conversation, which also features "Army Wives" creator Katherine Fugate, will be moderated by Abrams.

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The panel is part of a larger event to publicize, as the media advisory states, " the unique challenges many military families face and showcase the families' strength, resilience and service to our nation."

Abrams' "Lost" crony Damon Lindelof will co-host the event along with Fulgate, WGAW President John Wells, "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and "Precious" screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher.

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    The Hollywood propaganda glorification of the “military career path” (of the very standing army that President Washington warned against in his farewell speech) is this Democratic President's recreation of the fascism that the Clinton Administration brought to USC and Hollywood in the 1990's with the “Institute for Creative Technology.” That $47 million welding of USC Engineering…to the hipsters of Hollywood… elevated the videogame mentality of “simulating” the murder of civilians in foreign lands to the height of “top selling” commercial video games! The ICT simulation engines have some role in powering the most violent video games in that industry's history! War is Good Business! USA! USA! USA! Around 2003, when you visited the USC/ICT web wite and “played war” on the “official US Army TRADOC command server…the Army dropped a code worm onto your computer to see who you were. Then, the Army could correlate you “a good game player” to your age (maybe he/she will make it a career path!) and by golly, you too could pilot a drone a half-planet away and designate targets…just because they “looked like” bad guys! Those drones are now overflying North Dakota in “aid of law enforcement”- in complete violation of US military doing the same.

    In every imperialist nation since Rome, the glorification of the military has been a keystone to the process of imploding on the nation's democracy. The “left” of Hollywood is no different that the “right” of Wyoming! Diane Feinstein is no different than Cynthia Lummis in the House. Both women would fight tooth and nail to keep the military bases (Wyoming's largest employer is Warren AFB, with the power to destroy the world with ICBM's). Under the command of (this) Imperial Presidency, America is now arming Vietnam's air force with P3-Orion aircraft: to enable Vietnam to JOIN WITH AMERICA in a fight over oil resources in the South China Sea.
    It's endless and I'm ashamed to see network media, “Hollywood” and all of us, playing along.
    Nemesis is about to lead this “oh so good looking” Narcissus of a nation to the pool…and drown us!