‘The Office': What Will Will Ferrell's First Day Be Like?

Ferrell plays Deangelo Vickers, a name so awesome that we'd like to nominate it for an Emmy

If you somehow missed the news, Will Ferrell is set to begin his four-episode arc on "The Office" on Thursday night.

He'll play the amazingly named Deangelo Vickers, a temporary replacement for Steve Carell's Michael Scott.

The two preview clips below clearly show that Ferrell will be bringing his full arsenal of non-sequitur quips and man-child physical humor, and we have no doubt that he'll steal every scene, even on a show filled with scene-stealers.

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Now, if only Ferrell would replace Paul Reiser on the new cinema verité sitcom "The Paul Reiser Show," which debuts Thursday night, immediately preceding "The Office." The clip posted below, featuring guest star Larry David, only serves to make us long for the return of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."