Savannah Guthrie's ‘Today’ One Year Later: How Do the Ratings Stack Up to Ann Curry and Meredith Vieira?

Savannah Guthrie's 'Today' One Year Later: How Do the Ratings Stack Up to Ann Curry and Meredith Vieira?

"Today" sheds 606,000 total viewers in year since Savannah Guthrie took over from Ann Curry

A little more than a year ago, “Today” said goodbye to co-host Ann Curry.

NBC's morning show also appears to have said goodbye to a significant chunk of its viewership in the time since it bid adieu to Curry.

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July 9 marked the first anniversary of Savannah Guthrie replacing Ann Curry on “Today,” and the numbers suggest that the change hasn't been kind to the show, which has been losing ground to ABC counterpart “Good Morning America” lately.

In the period between July 9, 2012 and July 8, 2013, “Today” averaged 4.647 million total viewers from 7 to 9 a.m., — a drop of about 606,000 from the 5.253 million that the show averaged in the first year of Ann Curry's tenure as a co-host, following her June 9, 2011 premiere.

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In the key 25-54 news demo, “Today” also dropped, from  an average 2.321 million viewers during Curry's first year to 1.908 million in Guthrie's first year.

The good news for Guthrie? The week of July 8, which marked the first anniversary of her tenure, saw a slight improvement over her first week in total viewers and the demo. In total viewers, the week of July 8 had 4.4 million total viewers, compared to 4.2 million total viewers. In the demo, “Today” posted grabbed 1.8 viewers for the week of July 8, compared to 1.7 million for Guthrie's maiden week

In fairness, the Curry era suffered a similar slump in its first year compared to that of her predecessor. From Sept. 13, 2006 to Sept. 12, 2007 — the first year of Meredith Vieira's co-host run — “Today” averaged 5.461 million total viewers, with 2.607 in the demo.

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Vieira, meanwhile, is preparing to launch her own daytime offering. “The Meredith Vieira Show,” from NBCUniversal Domestic Television, will premiere as a syndicated show in fall 2014.

  • Howard Kent Kipfer

    WHEN will NBC get it? Viewers -HATE- disloyalty. That's the bottom line. Even if Savannah is better, viewers hate how Ann Curry was treated and are reminded of it each time they view (or don't view) the show. Has NBC learned nothing from the Conan, Leno debacle? Guess not, since they unceremoniously dumped Leno again! Also, viewers want to know that they are viewing “professional” organizations when it comes to hard news, as this is important stuff. Employees with big salaries who make jokes about Ann Curry looking like big bird in her yellow dress, leaves me disenchanted with a news organization that is so childish.

  • I Really Do Watch for the News

    I personally am no a fan of Guthrie's…she vacillates between to much bubble and being totally boring…and at times appears to be trying to hard…but what really gets me is that she wears the same dress every day…just in a different color!!!…talk about boring…

  • Jwl

    I believe people are watching less and less broadcast television. So the comparisons are pretty silly.

  • kdmich

    I stopped watching the Today show after the way they treated Ann. I think Savannah interviewing the President was pathetic. Ann is a professional; Savannah seems like a spoiled newcomer. What were they thinking?

  • missellie

    Don't care for Guthrie at all. She does not come across as a genuine person. She seems quite forced and appears to be uncomfortable with herself. Just my observations.

    • Jack

      Savnavah is a beautiful person

  • bittybell

    I find Savannah Guthrie to be too “giggly”- not good journalist at all.

  • Ethel

    I, Too, believe loyalty is an issue. However, I have also seen Today become an all to often, sarcastic and mean interviewing team. That, together with a forced effort to convince the viewers of the “big happy family” scenario – NOT! – is not the smile I want every morning. All of these growing issues were publicly confirmed in Ann's firing.

  • kadie

    I was shocked when they had Savannah Guthrie interview the President. It was like Miley Cyrus interviewing Mick Jagger.

  • shay

    Ann IS the epitome of professional yet caring. Hard core yet compassionate. Guthrie and Lauer can learn a LOT from her. Guthrie is not a real journalist, she's a Barbie to Matt's Ken. While Ann stood and can stand alone.

  • Uptoolate

    Throughout the years of channel surfing I have watched and can't stand too much of it. It's like a great dish that you keep hoping for it to taste right but it leaves much to be desired. It's like watching a puppet show with wooden and stiff characters. And a word to those in charge: It may be a news show but it's also a business. You will continue to have viewers who watch out of habit but eventually even rats will desert a sinking ship.

  • Vincent Kaniatobe

    Guthrie is horrible! No on air chemistry with anyone of her fellow anchors, her interactions with quest and anchors is actually uncomfortably painful.

  • Don

    We have grown to really like the cast on Good Morning America. We stopped watching Today when they treated Ann like they did also. Who does Matt think he is ? How pompous and arrogant his persona is these days. I don't mind Savannah but she is a much better field journalist. Ann deserves front and center because she earned it while being front and center. There is more compassion to her demeanor than Matt Lauer could ever muster. My wife actually will make a special trip out of another room to change the channel away from our local news to Good Morning America when Today Show comes on….glad we are helping Today's ratings in a negative way !!

    • Kathy

      I could not agree with you more.

  • Brian

    I don't think networks realize the damage they do when they humiliate top talent like Ann whom viewers loved. I switched to the CBS Morning Show and Love Charlie Rose, Nora O'Donnell and Gayle King, they are all different from eachother but make a great trio and mix between solid news and entertainment.

  • teaching

    Savanna has no natural charisma. her interviews are not in depth enough to matter. Perhaps the writers should help her out. Curry is a journalist but the today “brains” think that the American viewers want entertainment fluff. GMA has a lot of fluff but at least they tell you that its fluff when they entitle the segments “Pop News” .

  • Axman

    Get Rid of Lauer and really Boost the ratings.

  • MCMV

    Thank goodness for Guthrie and poor choices by NBC. I would never have known how much I like GMA!

  • Mellie65

    I love Ann Curry and I will never watch the Today show again because of the way they treated her. It used to be my favorite morning show but not anymore GMA is so much better. Maybe they should get rid of Matt and Al they are both jerks

  • Dustin

    Al Roker is the problem…He interjects himself into every topic and has a elementary school sense of humor. Why aren't they looking at him. I stopped watching the Today Show because It became a circus

  • Cheryl Lopez

    I always loved the Today show. I watched Ann Curry with her special pieces and was thrilled she got the lead and was horrified watching the day she announced her exit from the big chair. I was never a fan of GMA and so at the time I was becoming more “adult” and political and moved over to MSNBC and loved Mika and eventually Joe.
    I am still there today and do watch any pieces Ann Curry does as a special.
    .I am still a big fan of hers and do not regret my change over.
    Matt, don't mind you losing the hair- my husband is too and yet both of you are handsome- but the face hair- gross!

  • Dana

    I left the Today WHEN ANN CURREY WENT TO CO ANCHOR>>>>SHE was horrible.