Sorry, Reality Stars, No Hollywood Walk of Fame for You

The organization is currently snubbing those who gain fame solely from reality television

Snooki may be a big draw on MTV, but anyone hoping to find her name etched on the sidewalk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame will be waiting quite a while.

The organization has posted a status update on its official Facebook page saying, "Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!"

That means "Hell to the No, Paris Hilton, you are not getting a star, even if you pony up the $30,000 fee required to have one installed!" The same goes for Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, the Situation, Kate Gosselin and anyone else known solely for being a reality star.

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Ana Martinez, vice president of media relations for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, told E! News: "That's my personal opinion as the caretaker of the Walk of Fame for 24 years. I'm very protective. And people are kind of in agreement."

Of course, Gene Simmons, Mark Burnett and Ryan Seacrest all have stars, as do other big-name celebrities who have dabbled in reality. But those people have other credentials beyond just being a contestant on, say, "Big Brother" or a cast member on shows like "The Real World."

Martinez did tell E! that the Kardashians of the world could be revisited later if they have further accomplishments down the road that transcend reality television. In other words, Snooki may have to wait until she wins an Emmy for that gritty performance as a destitute street mime with a heart of gold in her inevitable Lifetime Original Movie.

  • adrfax

    finally someone who puts those stupid people in their place!! why would you issue stars to nobodies who (supposedly) gain money only from appearing on crappy reality shows with no other discernible accomplishments? what did they really expect? that they would be honored with awards for doing next to nothing while others work their asses off for years polishing their skills and gaining real talent and recognition? they would be delusional if they ever thought such a thing.