Dailies | ‘Seven Psychopaths’ Red Band Trailer: Watch Sam Rockwell Dog It (Video)

Dangerous but entertaining antics ensue when Sam Rockwell and his pals steal a mobster's pooch in "Seven Psychopaths"

The red band trailer for "Seven Psychopaths" has hit the web, expanding on the first trailer for "In Bruges" director Martin McDonagh's upcoming crime caper.

The film, slated for an Oct. 12 release, stars Colin Farrell as Marty, a struggling screenwriter who winds up involved with the criminal underworld after his friends kidnap a gangster's Shih Tzu. Coming along for the zany ride are Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Gabourey Sidibe and Abbie Cornish.

Oh, and gravel-voiced troubadour Tom Waits, who plays Zachariah, an eccentric fellow of shady character who has a perhaps unnatural attachment to a fluffy bunny rabbit. Yes, that's right.

Check out the red band trailer for "Seven Psychopaths" below.