‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth MacFarlane on Being Banned by Fox

Seth MacFarlane explains why he thinks it's a good thing that some of his shows are too hot for TV

Seth MacFarlane thinks it's a safe bet that one of the upcoming "American Dad" episodes will be banned by Fox, but he doesn't mind being censored by network brass.

MacFarlane is the creator "American Dad" and Fox's other hit cartoon comedy, "Family Guy." Multiple "Family Guy" episodes have been banned by the network only to be subsequently released on DVD. 

At the annual TCA summer press tour Monday, MacFarlane said the "American Dad" crew has already finished about a year-and-a-half worth of new episodes. MacFarlane said he expects "at least one" of these upcoming episodes will be banned by his home network. 

MacFarlane said he couldn't think of a specific episode of the show that might be too hot to air, because the next season of the show will include a variety of potentially controversial jokes. For example, reporters at TCA saw a preview of "American Dad's" upcoming Christmas special, which ends with a young boy mowing down Santa's elves with a machine gun. 

MacFarlane said he doesn't mind it when the network pulls rank like that; in fact, he thinks the ensuing publicity is beneficial to the series.

"It's a structure that's been good for 'Family Guy," MacFarlane said. 

Not that he's doing it on purpose; not even with the abortion episode.

"It looks like a sales ploy, but it isn't … that episode really was unacceptable to the network," MacFarlane said. 

Season six of "American Dad" premieres Oct. 3 on Fox. 

  • Deej59

    Something really bugs me about people who think their taste is the only taste that's valid. It shows a lack of ability for critical thinking. Both shows parody stupidity, both have their place. Let's see your entire viewing list and see how many others here inform you that YOU have no taste. It's all subjective.

  • Deej59

    Soooo in your opinion, are both Family Guy and Simpsons ripoffs of The Flintstones? Because the only similarity I can think of between Family Guy and Simpsons is that they're cartoons. By that reasoning Lord of the Rings is a ripoff of Gone With The Wind. Hey, both shot on film with live actors. Ripoff, right?

    • Jace Curioso

      …Now that you mention it…………..

  • Deej59

    Wow. Have you met Bugaloo79? You two should check to see if you share the exact same list of what is funny and what is not. Maybe it's a match made in heaven. Then the two of you could join together to condemn everything that doesn't appeal to you. Think of how loud TWO of you could shout insults at everyone with opinions that differ from yours. Oh, and may I touch the hem of your garment? Thanks!

  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • http://thewirecutter.com/ tony kaye

    Didn't TBS buy the rights to American Dad?

  • Bamador

    They should put a disclamer before each episode.
    “If you are easily offended, you will be.
    If you are not easliy offended, you will be.”
    I have alwayas found the fact that pretty much all of Fox's TV shows on all of their networks are definately far left leaning, yet their news channel is definalty far right leaning. They get the best of both worlds and the cash that comes with it. Rupert Murdoch is an evil genius.