Was VW Super Bowl Ad Racist? (Video)

White guys speak with Jamaican accents and a Twitter debate ensues

One of the most memorable ads of Super Bowl XLVII was the Volkswagen spot in which a bunch of white corporate drones speak in Jamaican accents. The Twitter debate was immediate: Was it racist?

Actually, the debate began even before the Super Bowl, when the ad was released a few days early and media outlets including CNN's "Erin Burnett Outfront" questioned whether it was offensive. But the debate picked up in earnest only when a hundred million or so Americans watched it during the game Sunday.

Twitchy.com noted that many Jamaicans didn't find the ad racist, while many white Americans did.

So… is it racist? And was it funny? You tell us:

  • Not Offended

    What's the difference between racism and stereotyping? Intent. Was the intent of the ad to denigrate anyone? No. Can someone choose to be offended anyway? Always. We Americans need to get off our “I choose to be offended” kick and start breathing a little easier!!

  • Bill A

    I think the ad was funny and not at all racist. The ad poked gentle fun at both whites and blacks. I liked the absurdity of a Minnesotan (ya sure you betcha) speaking not only with a Jamaican accent, but reversing the down beat sort of reputation that Minnesotans have. I also liked the celebration of joy and optimism that is often portrayed in the media by people of Caribbean descent. Way to go Volkswagen. It's nice see a little bit of humor when it comes to the taboo issue of race.

  • Not Offended

    I seriously hope you're joking!!

  • Not Offended

    TOTALLY WITH YOU my friend!!!

  • Victor East

    It's a freakin’ TV commercial! Who cares?! Go get a life. Read a book. Take a walk in the park.

  • Danny

    Only one ad in the Super Bowl showed diversity? Really? They didn't cast a Jamaican because the ad was set in Minnesota. They were trying to cast you all in a calm, relaxed, happy light and you find a problem with that? Should they have gotten a shotta in there to more accurately represent your warm likkle island?