‘Twilight’ Movies Are Racist and Perverted, Lawsuit Claims

'Twilight' Movies Are Racist and Perverted, Lawsuit Claims

New legal complaint against Lionsgate and Summit says the “Twilight” movies aren't a wholesome film franchise about vampires and werewolves

One could debate whether the “Twilight” movie franchise makes for good cinema. But racist and sexually depraved?

According to a new lawsuit, it is so.

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A complaint filed by Between the Lines Productions — makers of the “Twilight” parody film “TwiHarder” — claim that the vampire movie series is rife with racism and perversion.

In the suit, filed against Lionsgate Entertainment and Summit Entertainment on Monday, Between the Lines alleges that the films perpetuate racial stereotypes — specifically, “one-dimensional stereotypes about Native Americans and indigenous culture through the depiction of the character Jacob Black as a ‘noble savage,’ ‘bloodthirsty warrior’ and ‘sexual predator.'”

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The complaint also claims that the movies place a “heavy emphasis” on “socio-political hierarchy and economic power based on the color of skin rather than the contents of his or her character or accomplishments.”

As for the perversion, the lawsuit points out that the “Twilight” films center “around the lustful and eventual sexual relationship between a 17-year-old girl, Bella Swan, and a male character, Edward Cullen, who is nearly 100 years her senior.”

Oh, and the complaint claims that the “Twilight” flicks also depict domestic violence.

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It's unclear why the plaintiffs point all of this out, but Between the Lines is suing Lionsgate and Summit because, the company claims, they attempted to scuttle their parody film “TwiHarder” with a baseless cease-and-desist order and legal threats.

A spokesperson for Summit and Lionsgate has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

Between the Lines had previously sued Lionsgate and Summit, seeking $500 million for the alleged sabotage of “TwiHarder.” That suit was voluntarily dismissed on the same day that the current complaint was filed.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures, Mrs. Lovett. And supercilious quickie knockoff production companies are among them.

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    Racist and perverted , I don't think so but then again a lawsuit is being brought to court by individuals of questionable character and talent. What's wrong is that the lawyers bringing the suit should be investigated for frivolous lawsuits and the company and the producing partners bringing the suit should have their names on a list of the least talented. The Twilight series is no different than any Hammer 1960's horror film or any other mediocre teen franchise movie. The Twilight series was a marketers wet dream and entertainment that will be forgotten in 10-20 years except for those involved in its box office success. This business is full of bottom feeders the people issuing the lawsuit are no exception.

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    In a related story, they're also suing the MADAGASCAR films, claiming they're prejudiced against cartoon penguins.

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    Let's see, you think it's racist and depraved yet you want to make a parody of it. Got it.


    lmao– can you say deep pockets….PEOPLE WILL SUE OVER ANYTHING WHEN THEY KNOW YOU HAVE MONEY!!!!!!!!

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    I thought it was New Years and not April Fool's Day…this can't be for real lol