Here Are America's Complaints About '2 Broke Girls’

Here Are America's Complaints About '2 Broke Girls'

FOIA site shares complaints about “2 Broke Girls,” “Two and a Half Men”

Digging through can be lots of fun. The site, which posts documents attained through Freedom of Information Act requests, has shared dozens of complaints made to the Federal Communication Commission about the CBS comedies “2 Broke Girls” and “Two and a Half Men.”

Among them are complaints about lots of dirty words and phrases, including “”shoot on my chest,” “penis alerts,” “girl-on-girl porn,” and “giving head.” Viewers, even some who stressed that they like comedy, were not impressed. (Neither are we. TheWrap recently rated “2 Broke Girls” one of television's worst shows.)

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The complaints run from typical “2 Broke” jokes to criticism of a Super Bowl ad in which the show's stars danced on a stripper pole. CBS did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.

Here are some of the highlights of the “2 Broke Girls” complaints. For the full complaints, visit

“Forced fellatio and ejaculation on a woman's breasts are not prime-time material.”

“In the opening 5 minutes of the broadcast one of the stars made the comment “dry vagina” and then immediately proceeds to another room on the set where a waitress is having sex. When the star returns to the front room she made the comment that the other girl was “coming” followed by the groans being heard by the girl who is supposedly having sex.”
“From constant comments about sexual positions and ejaculation in every orifice to menstrual cycles in much more vulgar terms… Two Broke Girls is unrelenting. … I don't know when TV censorship died in this country but we need it back.”
“It's 8:30 at night on a Monday and I have to explain to my child what ‘fingering’ is?”
“I am a fan of the show Two Broke Girls but am very disappointed in CBS for airing a show which discussed penis size and dildo's at 8:30 PM.”
“I am no a prude, but having a male character talking about having finger sex and had sex with a female character is offensive to me at 8:30… It was not even a double entendre – the male character actually said, ‘I had hand sex with her,’ and then seconds later when asked to pinkie swear, another character said, “I don't know where that pinkie has been” and the first character said, “I just told you.” Meaning that his pinkie was in a woman's vagina. Are you serious?”
“As everyone is cozily gathered around, looking forward to the much anticipated Super Bowl, we should absolutely NOT be forced to squirm in our seats or rush around trying to find the remote in an attempt to change channels in time while being forced to listen to obnoxiously smacking kisses between an adult woman and a seemingly underage boy, nor should viewers have to backtrack and attempt to make excuses to their children of what those “Two Broke Girls” were doing on that dance pole.”
  • knockcangetit

    I might have to start watching this show.

  • Gorge

    welcome to america, land of fucking idiots who don't know how to change tv channel

  • HAHA

    Just simply, “PRUDES”….

    • N Allen

      No your simply white trash

  • Telli

    HAHA wow everyones so sensitive n has a stick up there ass…Theres way more disturbing and offensive b.s. Happening n this world than a TV show. DONT LIKE IT?? CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Its not fuckin rocket science.

  • Kitkrash

    Way more offensive commercials are and have been shown during Super Bowl and prime time so why is this show so suddenly offensive? Should it have a later slot? Probably. Should you watch it while kids are awake and within earshot? Probably not. But YOU chose to watch it with kids around.

  • Theadore K Mullins

    This show is not that bad as far as the jokes and stuff you know what I find funny as hell are that the people who are complaining probably loved the hunger games. So watching something that pits kids killing each other in a sadistic contest is awesome and award winning but a few dirty jokes offend you???? What!!! Gotta love the USA

  • Tray

    What's worse is the show isn't funny at all.

  • ballofhate

    Women be haters.

    • Leelee0719

      Please don't lump uptight women with no sense of humor in with all women, I am a college educated mother of one and personally find this show to be clever and hilarious! I am also intelligent enough to know to watch it when my son is tucked away for the night. To that end there are plenty of things on TV I dont like for one reason or another and I manage to not watch them simply by changing the channel. Maybe after the lot of you that oppose this type of comedy and achieve having it removed you can gather and have a good ol book burning too!

  • Jim

    I want them naked.

  • Someone with a brain

    If you don't like it, change the fucking channel you brain-deads. I personally like the show. I think we need more shows like it. Do you really think censoring television is going to help your retarded ass kids? It's the parent's responsibility to educate their kids on what's right from wrong.

    • Red92

      Obviously didn't help you, SUPER-GENIUS!

  • Red92

    Really, from the persona that obviously doesn't understand grammar. Change the channel, yes, but act like a superior D.B. – NO.

  • Rick

    The show needs to post a warning. There's way too much time-inappropriate crap on TV, including Viagra and Cialis commercials,

  • MuhammedAllah

    Have these people ever heard of a DVR? Or a VCR? Record the shows, and watch them, later, privately, when your kids are in bed, a duh!

  • Jon

    There is no apostrophe in “dildos.”

    • Dennis

      Don't look upon it as an apostrophe, just think of it as a little tickler.

  • Kris2014

    I find it interesting that the completely legal act of sex between two healthy
    adults is at odds with people's sensibilities. How many of us don't bat
    an eyelash at shows that depict or refer to the completely illegal acts
    of murder, theft, or other crimes against humanity?

    • joe blow

      Oh shut up, porn star.

  • jeff masters

    find the remote and change the channel

  • amandameezer

    Why should anyone have to “rush around to look for their remote?” To paraphrase an old warning of the 60's, “Parents, it's 8:30 pm, do you know where your remote is?”

  • Billy Bob

    I would like to see them do each other

  • Bernadette

    The ham-fisted delivery of their weak jokes and their anticipation for the coming laughs is what just kills this show for me.

  • Simone

    this is one of the funniest and smartly written shows on TV – for adults. if you don't like it then DON'T WATCH IT ! go get a life or better yet….go get laid……DID THAT HURT YOUR HIGH MORALS ?

  • Mabans

    These people critique the show rather it being just being bad shows.

  • Mre

    Trash TV is not good at any time. Used to be porn/etc. had to be purchased or viewed out of the home….it kept some crime down. I firmly believe having this streamed via cable/TV has everything to do with child abuse…… I hate… the very least show should be only late, late, late. We do need censors! And yes, parents should not watch it if kids are around…..children/family first…….adults who don't care….last!

  • N Allen

    Read the comments. Do you guys eat outta those filthy mouths?

  • Please. Just stop.

    The show is TV-14 for a reason. TV-G is for kids. Plop them in front of the TV and do what you need to do. TV-PG may have questionable content that needs explaining if you don't approve of it. Therefore. Watch it with your children if need be. TV-14 means. PUT A PARENTAL LOCK ON YOUR TELEVISION IF YOU'RE CHILDREN AREN'T THE AGE OF 14 AND YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO WATCH IT. Boo freaking whoo. You have to move your thumb a few times to put in a code to watch your program. That shouldn't be too much for you if you truly care about the safety of your children's “purity”. – Sincerely, every single person in the country who actually understands that your flipping cable and satellite boxes come with parental lock and YOU are the only person can stop your children from being exposed to things that you don't think they should be. Creativity is dying because of you.

  • downhilldude

    I love this show, and wouldn't mind if they put it on 90 minutes later, to accommodate the sensibilities of those complaining.

  • jason sutton

    its a good show if you dont like it change the channel and watch lawrence welk on pbs like my grandparents used to do.

  • StefsterNYC

    Don't move to Europe. All that stuff is a daily occurrence there. I think whoever hates this stuff needs to learn how to use a remote control device by now.

    We're too PC in this country and way too naive. Time to open up TV to let the cursing begin and show a lil ass every now and again. Besides, that show is hilarious.