How Did Universal Release Two Huge Bombs Without Anyone Noticing — or Caring? (Video)

Lucas Shaw explains how Universal avoided the media “flop” firestorm

Whether's it is blind luck or clever message-management, Universal has pulled off the impossible: they swept a couple of the year's biggest bombs under the rug.

“47 Ronin” and “R.I.P.D.” were larger disasters than many of the year's so-called “troubled productions” – “World War Z” chief among them – and yet they flew by with an utter lack of hang-wringing.

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TheWrap's Lucas Shaw explores how they got away with it.

Watch the video (above) 

  • hupto

    It didn't hurt RONIN that the media was distracted by all the controversies surrounding WOLF OF WALL STREET. And R.I.P.D. skated because they hadn't finished crapping on LONE RANGER, plus Jeff Bridges is so beloved (as he should be) that they were willing to dial down the venom.

    • Jonas Grumby

      Sounds about right to me.

  • Jeffry Martini

    I think hupto nailed the assessment!

  • TheGhostOfGriffinMill

    The primary reason they took the write down on RONIN so quick was the Paul Walker tragedy and the move of FF7 to 2015.

    Without that sure-hit cash, they needed to take the loss in Q4 2014 and avoid a double-wham by stretching the RONIN loss into 2015 coupled with no revenue from a franchise they had scheduled.

    I would also guess that the tragedy and its aftermath is both part of the reason no one jumped on RONIN and why no one else at Universal is on the immediate chopping block for RIPD and RONIN.