Victoria Rowell Slams ‘Young and the Restless’ Over Lack of Diversity: Not One Black Exec Producer

Victoria Rowell Slams 'Young and the Restless' Over Lack of Diversity: Not One Black Exec Producer

Actress Victoria Rowell attends The Alliance For Children's Rights' 21st Annual Dinner on Mar. 7 in Beverly Hills (Getty Images)

Actress goes on three-hour Twitter rampage against her former daytime drama

Victoria Rowell, who rose to fame playing Drucilla Winters on “The Young and the Restless,” is apparently very unhappy with what she considers a lack of diversity behind-the-cameras at the hit CBS daytime drama.

Rowell, 54, posted a series of tweets Wednesday afternoon criticizing the show for not having enough African-Americans in decision making positions.

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“Young & Restless on air for 40 years, loyally watched by their absolute competitive-edge audience (blacks) & not ONE black Exec PRODUCER?” she tweeted.

The actress continued her tirade for three hours. Her tweets coincided with the soap's 41st anniversary. 

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Rowell exited the soap under contentious circumstances in 2007. The actress said she quit the show after 17 years because of routine behind-the-scenes politics that prevented her from garnering Daytime Emmy nominations. Producers never officially explained Rowell's exit and her character accidentally fell off a cliff and died.

In 2011, Rowell began writing a series of novels about the trials and tribulations of a popular African-American daytime soap star.

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Rowell can now be seen playing Judge Delilah Hawkins, a recurring guest-starring role, on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

  • jane

    STOP GIVING HER A PLATFORM! She does the all the time!!! This is nothing new! She's wrong anyways

    • Jen

      No, she's not wrong. You just don't want to hear the truth because you don't want to hear about racism in the workplace.

  • curious

    Wrong how

  • dso1

    She needs to take a chill pill. There are now a number of black actors on the show and they have very boring story lines. Vicky, go lay down somewhere.

  • BlackCanseco

    i saw her rampage earlier… i'm not a soap opera fan, but most of her complaints about behind-the-scenes staffers, lack of Blacks in positions of power on her former show/other soaps is easily verifiable. She sounded angry but not off-base. there's still huge diversity issues in TV, both infront of the camera and behind.

    Sadder is that Victoria is a good actress. but this rant isn't gonna help her career at all.

    • Justin Parris

      I don't doubt the accuracy of her complaints, just the specificity of her conclusions. In a world where people are hiring based solely off of qualifications and not upon race, religion, or creed, a %10-12 minority is never going to have consistent representation across the board. In any one given industry they could be %10,%5, %12,%1,or even %50. This can be the case for an extremely wide variety of reasons. For example, just because black people are %10 of the population, does not mean that an equal subsection decide to go into broadcasting.

      As a larger example, women are very underrepresented in the hard sciences. There are FAR fewer than %50 women biologists, engineers, chemists, etc. etc. The reason for the disparity is not sexism though, its choice. Universities have a very hard time getting female applicants in these programs in the first place, and this is in spite of the fact that there are far more women in college than men.

      I'm not saying that this exact example is happening the television, it could well be racism. It just can't be shown with this one statistic, especially with a small minority. It just drives me up the wall when people look at one statistic, pretend there are no variables, and jump to the conclusion.

  • Aaron Hudson

    She's still bitter about being fired from the show. Grow up Victoria. Maybe the show hires based on experience and ability not race!

    • Jenny

      She was NOT fired. She quit.

  • josie burns

    Won't be Drucilla again…bitter grapes…guess you waited to see if they would take you back…since they haven't you are MAD!

  • SummerDavenport

    Why does the great MLK's statement regarding the color of ones skin not apply here?

    • GoAwayalready

      who cares this show sucks like her anyway. If her attitude wasn't so piss poor she wouldn't have been tossed out like yesterdays garbage. Just a bitter old woman.

    • Gina

      Why do people like yourself bring up MLK but ignore who he was? MLK supported striking workers who faced on the job discrimination. MLK would be alongside Victoria Rowell were he alive today.

  • Indigenous_Woman

    Sorry Victoria, you need to get over yourself and the black rant! There just comes a time when enough is enough! In this case, the saying: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!, applies. Holy God almighty! There are many black actors and actresses on Y&R. So now you take a pot shot at behind the camera?? “Dru” died, you're done. get on with your life and worry more about your roles elsewhere. Just because you play a judge from time to time on law & Order, doesn't mean you have the right to judge the Bell's choices.

    Thank you for your opinion Ms. Rowell. :SLAM of the gavel: I find the show Y&R NOT GUILTY as charged!

    • Jenny

      Are you really that illiterate? Rowell was speaking out about behind the scenes jobs: writers, producers, etc.

      • Indigenous_Woman

        No, Jenny. Obviously I am not illiterate. But you on the other hand are just plain stupid. If you were more intelligent I would suggest that you re-read what I posted and see that the crux of the dialogue was the Bell's have had the #1 show for years. Rowell needs to mind her own business and stop putting down the decisions by award winning produces and administrative staff. Did you get that now?? Or do you need a diagram Jenny? Oh that's right, the name Jenny means jackazz!

  • Whatever

    Blah blah blah…..always something to bitch about. I get so sick of the race card. You can have countless black and white couples on this show shoved down everyone's throat but try to have one gay or lesbian couple and it's immediately ready to shut down production and close the curtain. Or just plain let the actors go. Now there's something to really bitch about. Where's the gay producers, actors, storylines, etc… STFU! Just making a point. I love Drucilla btw.

    • Ellen

      “Race card”? You really have a problem with racism and you probably don't even realize it. Here you are crying about having to listen to Rowell complain about racism and then you start complaining about homophobia. Did it occur to you that fighting racism doesn't preclude fighting anti-gay discrimination? Also, why do you assume that there are no gay writers or producers?

      Your description of interracial couples being “shoved down” your throat is a perfect example of how obviously racist you are.

      • Nathan

        Um…have you been backstage? Do you know all the employees that work for Bell and Sony? I have and they have numerous African Americans not only in front of the camera, but behind. Calling someone racist because they don't agree with VR, who was fired look it up and who rants against her former employer too much, is ignorant and racist itself. Also there are openly gay actors on Y&R and not sure about behind the scenes, I doubt that CBS/Bell/Sony are racist. They hire who is best qualified for the job…even though I'm not so sure they hired the best writers. So it's time to step away from your keyboard and using different screen handles…unless you're VR's personal assistant!

  • Peaches1980

    VR worked as an actress on the set so she has witnessed first hand the politics behind the set so we can take her perspective as her experience. I will say that there is white privilege in EVERY aspect of society and if you are sick of hearing about it, or being reminded that YOU have privilege simply because of the color of your skin and not necessarily because you the best for the job then cover your ears or close your eyes. Anyone who is not White have to work extra harder and have to overcome barriers that are simply not there for whites. In order to level the playing field we have to speak up and piss some people off just as you would do if you felt you were treated unfairly.
    Ex: White Boss and white coworker have a common bond that is called white. Coworker can call boss by first name, feels at ease coming into boss's office and chit chat, talk about politics and speak freely. Black coworker not so much, boss doesn't trust black coworker and so Black coworker does not trust white boss. White coworker doesn't mind after work activities with other white coworkers such as drinks at the bar. Meanwhile Black coworker is not even invited. Black coworker would not go to bar with white coworkers anyway because black coworker rather avoid those awkward conversation white coworker brings up about “being poor while going to college and living in the ghetto, or about his/her Black friend name Shamecka /Tyrone who is such a good friend, or how the town they are from was really racist and boycotted the prom cause they did not want to attend prom with black people or how their sister's boyfriend is black and her a kid hair is really curly and she's always complaining because she doesn't know how to style “black hair”. Suddenly you are not a coworker hanging out with coworkers you are now the Black girl/boy. Yeah social politics, barriers, white privilege it exists and we are just as tired.

    • Fayetteville

      I have had a black boss and had to work twice as hard as the blacks. Never could please her. So my dear it works both ways.

      • Peaches1980

        No you're just spoiled. And that's real talk

  • Sheila French

    I think y&r does great job with racial diversity I know she's talking about behind the camera but y&r in my opinion has always shown diversity, I liked her when she was on y&r but now I understand why don't her back.

    • Ellen

      Why do you even bother to mention that Rowell speaks about behind the scenes jobs and then ignore that fact?

      Y&R has a terrible record of hiring production & non-acting creatives who are black. It's sad that you can't understand that Rowell is revealing the ugly facts about racism in Hollywood. It's easier to call her crazy or bitter than look at the facts.

  • Cynthia Ann Matta

    Victoria your just bitter get over it Y&R have plenty of African American actors and Sorry to say there boring !!!!

    • Not5151

      It has nothing to do with the “African American” actors themselves except Neil and Lily's characters. They are boring because of the scripts their given. I've been watching Y&R for almost 25 yrs and from what I've notice is that the African American actors on Y&R are give just enough air time to show diversity; but are given non-worthy story lines. That within it's self says a lot. Yes their seen, but never really given the opportunity to shine. And don't go there with Neil or Lily because they both are the most bland AA I've ever seen for AA.

    • Jillian

      Did you even read the article? Rowell specifically decried the lack of producers, writers and other behind-the-scenes workers. Sadly, your racism has blinded you to the facts.

  • xyz


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