‘View’ Hosts Respond to Sharon Osbourne's Suggestion to ‘Go F— Themselves’

'View' Hosts Respond to Sharon Osbourne's Suggestion to 'Go F— Themselves'

Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy take the higher road

“View” hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy responded to “Talk” host Sharon Osbourne's request that they “go fuck themselves” with less profanity and more tact than Ozzy's wife showed them.

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McCarthy told “Entertainment Tonight” that she “love[s] Sharon,” adding: “Sharon and I've been friends a very long time. She sent me roses two weeks ago, so who knows what her intentions were, but I love [Sharon] and I love ‘The Talk.'”

Shepherd, meanwhile, responded to a detractor who tweeted that she was “the most racist, non comical, non Christian blob of bitternes [sic]” and “The View” was “Less entertaining because of her” by tweeting “well… ma'am it's your opinion… there's always Sharon Osbourne.”

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On Wednesday, Osbourne told viewers of “The Arsenio Hall Show”: “Barbara — idolize her, divine, she is super-human. I love Barbara Walters. The rest can go fuck themselves!”"

A spokeswoman for “The View” told TheWrap on Wednesday that the show had no comment on Osbourne's remarks.

  • demoncat_4

    if nothing else the ladies of the view proved their class by not firing back and swearing like sharon though would not be surprised if whoppie had some choice words of her own for sharon

    • Angel_3

      Whoopi would tear her apart, lol!

      • demoncat_4

        no doubt Whoopi would do so. in fact shannon would barley have sat down and Whoopi would let lose the ripping of a new one

  • Angel_3

    Sharon is a rude, obnoxious person that has a much higher view of herself than others would. I cannot stand to listen to her because I have heard many times how mean she can be to others. She is the classic bully!!! After her comments about Susan Boyle a few years ago after she appeared on AGT, she lost all my respect. She should go back to the UK!

  • The Watcher

    Blame it on the alcohol….wonder what Whoopi had to say about Sharon's outburst.

  • Sick N Tired

    Just because her show was having lower ratings than the View, Sharon's jealousy and comments were stupid. Maybe she was taking it out on the View what she should be taking out on her drug addicted husband.

  • Jazzy Jo

    Sharon is known for speaking her mind, but she went a little too far this time. If I was a member of “The View”, I would be very hurt and want a personal,( in person) apology. After all, this is show biz and you never know what will come out of their mouths, but bottom line, they should not be vulgar and disrepectful of one another!

  • Switzerland

    I agree Angel_3, but all in all, it really was a general ‘Go F**k yourself’ since she didn't name anyone specific…..she said I love Barbara Walters the REST can ……. So I don't think any of them should take offense. I never have liked the View, but I don't dislike anyone on it……..

  • Pupito4u


  • Larry Johnson

    you go Sharon I hate your show as much as the view but your pigs are better than their pigs

  • Larry Johnson

    whoopi is an asshole worse then the rest except maybe for Piggy Odonnell

  • Marianna2nd2none

    Sharon Osbourne is a lowly despicable rabid mongrel with zero class or tact. I foresee her sad future filled with tons upon tons of weak and pathetic apologies. Because she is a weak, ugly, spiteful, nasty, miserable menopausal cunt from hell. And I cannot wait for someone else to come along to punch her square in her shriveled over botoxed face…..Again. Or in the very least see her get fired.

    • venice

      I can't stand that bat eating family…so osbornes you go and fuck yourselves!!

  • John

    Sharon is

  • John

    Sharon is total train wreck just like her entire family. Shes super rich along being super ignorant euro trash.I work in the industry I can tell you Shes is one of the most hate fuel harden racist on this planet she play it cool and calm but her low filthy mouth it comes out.she just tolerant the 2 Black women on the Talk.Behind close doors she runs down Black and other minorities calling them useless rubbish and lowlifes Ozzfest over the years have been a breeding ground for Neo nazis and other White nationalists groups.Shes a supporter of the BNP a right winged UK group.