Join ‘Walking Dead's’ Norman Reedus Live Q&A

Join 'Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus Live Q&A

The AMC series star takes your questions live at TheWrap

“The Walking Dead” returns to television on Feb. 9, but before that, you have a chance to ask series star Norman Reedus whatever you want to know about the show. Or maybe what he likes to do when he's not busy shooting it.

TheWrap is hosting a live Q&A session with Daryl Dixon, himself, this Thursday in anticipation for the mid-season premiere on Sunday.

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When we last saw Reedus’ fan favorite character on the hit zombie drama, he decommissioned a tank and was among the rest of survivors left homeless after the Governor tried — and failed — to take over the prison.

Want to know what's next for Daryl? Whether or not he's going to try to track down Carol? Or what his favorite color is?

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Come up with your best question and ask away:

  • Sarah Crawford

    Hi! Norman. What's your favorite South Park's character?

  • Sarah Crawford

    Hi! Norman. What's your favorite South Park's character?

  • Sofia

    Hi Norman! You will explode another tank in seasn 5? ha

  • AnA ♥ Reedus ♥

    First, sorry about my bad english. From Veracruz, México:
    I know that you can't answer nothing new about TWD so I want to know, Norman, I think you were reading some scripts last november, is there concrete proyects about this? Is there a particular film director with whom you want to work and why?

  • Sofia

    Hi Norman! You have a lot of fans in Brazil! when you will come here?

  • Jane Morrison

    Hi Norman, now that the group is displaced, how will Daryl and Beth survive on their own? There was an emergency exit plan in place at the prison, was there also a meeting place? There are more walkers than living at this point, where is the next safe haven????

  • Jeanne Fennell

    Jeanne from Australia
    Hi Norman. What got you interested in photography and what kind of camera do you us.

  • Bekka

    Did you ever think the Dixons would ever be so popular even though they were not original character s in the comics/novels?

  • Jennifer Aggio

    How was Daryl impacted by Hershel's death? Will we be seeing a reaction to that in the upcoming season 4B?

  • Jennifer Aggio

    What is the significance of the train tracks seen in the season 4B trailer? We see several of the groups crossing them at different times. Will this come into play in the new episodes?

  • Jennifer Aggio

    If Norman could be any animal, which would he choose?

  • Jennifer Aggio

    What is Norman's favorite Walking Dead episode?

  • Jennifer Aggio

    What piece of advice would Norman give to an aspiring artist who really admires his work?

  • Shelley

    Does Daryl want to find Carol and bring her back the group?

  • Ale

    When you will come to Spain? We love you.

  • Chelsea

    What's the hardest part about filming in Georgia?

  • Her Pink Jersey

    How has his character changed for the better and the worst?

  • Alicia D'Aversa

    Given the chance to have any superpower what would you choose?

  • Corina

    · Hi Norman, What was the most challenging thing about becoming your character ? why?

  • Tiffany-ReedusAddict

    What character do you miss the most that has been taken off the show?

  • Tracey

    Norman, who does Daryl turn to for any advice or support in the group?

  • Alexa

    Being called “Daddy” sexy or creepy?

  • Gabby

    do you drive a motorcycle in real life?

  • Corina


  • Corina

    How much do you draw on your own experience when you act?

  • Corina

    · What is the side of you that the public never sees?

  • Angela

    What has been your favorite scene to shoot in The Walking Dead?

  • Laurie

    Hi Norman, how would you describe the evolution of your character from the first season until now?

  • me

    was this even for real? He only answered about 6 questions.

  • Taylor

    How do you feeling knowing teenage girls want to be with you more than they want to be with Chandler??