‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Death Toll: 34 and Counting (Photos)

Before we wave goodbye to any more characters — major or minor — take a moment of silence to remember those who died before them this season

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Zach (Kyle Gallner): Beth's boyfriend at the beginning of season 4. Bitten by a walker and crushed by a helicopter after Bob Stookey accidentally alerted walkers to the group's presence.
  • Rebecca Butterworth

    You have an inaccuracy. Karen and Patrick were found by Tyrese. He was bringing flowers to Karen, noticed the blood in her cell and then saw the bloody body drag marks that led to the area outside where he found their charred and still smoldering bodies. Tyrese then took Rick, Carol, and Daryl to that area to show them that they were murdered.

  • Rebecca Butterworth

    Also Mitch Dolgen was shot in the chest by Daryl.