‘Walking Dead’ Trailer: ‘We're Not Too Far Gone’ (Video)

'Walking Dead' Trailer: 'We're Not Too Far Gone' (Video)

AMC previews show's Feb. 9 midseason return

“We're not too far gone,” Rick Grimes says in the new trailer for the second half of “The Walking Dead” Season 4.

But maybe he and his band of survivors are. “Too Far Gone” was the title of the show's midseason finale, and the thirteenth volume of the Image Comics’ series that inspired the show.

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Grimes and the people he reluctantly leads have worried since almost the start of the show's zombie apocalypse whether they're too far gone from the way of life they knew before, and whether they can ever be fully human again.

Besides Rick's pep talk, the new trailer includes shots of the ravaged, smoking prison, Michonne dispatching zombies galore, and a few tears. The series returns to AMC Feb. 9.

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Watch the trailer: