Watch Bill Maher, Jane Lynch Perform Weiner Facebook Chat (Video, NSFA)

Not without mixed feelings do I post a hilarious, but X-rated performance of Weiner’s sexting chat, interpreted by Bill and Jane. Oh yeah, and I was 10 feet away, on the panel

Since I don't yet have video of the part of the show where I debated serious issues with Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo and Joshua Green, here is the part that is available.

It was a lot funnier. Bill and the explosively-popular Jane Lynch did a dramatic reading of Anthony Weiner's sex chat with Vegas blackjack dealer Jill Weiss.

If you have kids, don't watch it with them nearby. If you're at work, wait till later. If you have taste and judgement, perhaps you'll skip it altogether. But it is hilarious.

If you want to read it first, try this: Transcript of Anthony Weiner Facebook Sex Chat With Lisa Weiss 



Earlier, Janeane and I sparred over whether Weinergate is a Republican and media conspiracy, or whether the congressman is at fault. (She says former, I say latter. I got a bunch of angry emails from guys who thought I was being 'a housewife.') When we have video, we will post it.

Update: video now below!

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