Watch Owen Wilson's Totally Spontaneous Kimmel Health Care PSA (Video)

Watch Owen Wilson's Totally Spontaneous Kimmel Health Care PSA (Video)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Panic! at the Disco are luckily on hand

Owen Wilson said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday that he wished he could do something for Americans without health care. Luckily, he was able to throw something together.

The “Free Birds” star was able to enlist Kimmel and a couple of other friends — including Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Panic! at the Disco — for a PSA about the importance of health care. He also had an impressive assortment of charts and real-person anecdotes. It's pretty solid for something so completely spontaneous.

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So go contact members of Congress, or something. Honestly, we were too dazzled by the star power to catch what Wilson was getting at.

Watch the video:

  • Sonny Corleone

    He wants to help others but all he cares about is himself and his family. LOL what a jackass

    • lapisblue

      Apparently you have never seen him helping victims of his hometown, New Orleans, or singing for charitable causes. Don't make silly comments if you are clueless.

  • Barbara Robertson

    He's so funny and cute. It's called entertainment. Period.