Dailies | Wil Wheaton Has Touching Answer for Little Girl Who Asks If He Was a Nerd (Video)

Wil Wheaton Has Touching Answer for Little Girl Who Asks If He Was a Nerd (Video)

The “Big Bang Theory” star admits that he was, and tells her how he dealt with it

Actor Wil Wheaton, a star on TV's “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and a regular guest on “The Big Bang Theory,” took the time to deliver a very touching response to a little girl's question about whether he was a nerd when he was young, and how he coped with it.

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The video from 2013's Denver Comic-Con isn't new, but it just started making the viral social media rounds Sunday. It's not too hard to see why given his answer: timeless, good advice and heartwarming.

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Watch the clip:

  • Strangebird

    Blessings on Wil Wheaton for his gentle, honest and compassionate answer to this little girl. Hopefully he encouraged her in the same behavior so that she can be part of the solution to bullying. After all, it's only through honest, compassionate understanding that we can hope to minimize the damage the behavior can cause.

  • SunnyLikeSunshine

    I am not the biggest Wil Wheaton fan, but this certainly moves his likability up a few notches in my mind. A classy answer from a guy who had the perfect platform to share some insight. Well, done Mr. Wheaton.

    • Brendan Smith

      Check out his keynote speech from the Inaugural PAX East in 2009 I think. It's hysterical.

  • Johnny

    This really made my day, just about the best advice he could give. The world would be a better place with more Wil Wheatons in it.

  • Tanya Ward-robinson

    What a brilliant and encouraging response from Wil to the young girl. I hope she walked away from her encounter, with renewed confidence.

  • kwijino

    What a great response. I know Wil was insulted in as Wesley, and he was a soft spoken kid, and called all sorts of things when he was on Star Trek. Good answer Wil!

  • mark craft

    I remember the first time I saw Wil a convention, the organizer reminded everyone before he came on “This is Wil not Wesley, Wil just played the part that was written for him.” Wil came across as articulate, fun-loving and wise beyond his years, and still proves it. With all respect Mr Wheaton

  • smpalacios@yahoo.com

    I was a photographer for Wonder Con back in 2012. And he happened to be in one of the lobbies right before he took the escalator heading downstairs. He was quickly approached by fans. And what took me was not only how approachable he was, but how considerate he was to his fans. He was attentive, gracious, and just a good guy all together. I was really impressed as he took the pictures, and shared conversation and and just good overall energy with every single person that approached him. I really thought he came of as really classy, and just a good guy overall. So I am not surprised by this video. Cheers Wil.

  • Snaptrap

    Sorry Wil, but nerds also suffer from those same issues you mentioned for bullies. Have you ever asked a bully why he picks on you? I have. Many nerds believe in evolution. Bullying is a perfect example. One dominates the other. No, it's not because of being sad, feeling bad about themselves, or not getting positive attention from family, or that they think they're not as smart as you – it's because they're stronger than you. Everyone has a choice. If they didn't, then trying to change a bully would be pointless.

    • David

      You should take Psychology 101

      • Snaptrap

        I take from experience. Not from an outdated text book.

        • The Nerd

          Naturally so – there's far too many complicated words and not enough pictures for you in that book. Zing!

          • Snaptrap

            What are pictures without words? Zing? Self congratulations. Vain.

    • Pop Ninjas

      Well, I guess this is why nerds go on to run the world and bullies end up pumping gas.

      • Snaptrap

        Or play sports where they're making millions a year. Nerds don't run the world. If they did, there would be no complaints from the science community in regard to the environment.

    • Wha-what?

      Snaptrap that has to be the most inane logic I have encountered this week. Good news for you is that it is Tuesday, so there is hope that your comment won't remain that way.
      Honestly, there are a multitude of reasons why bullying occurs. I don't necessarily agree with Will's entire response as to me it indicated that bullies exist because they were not hugged enough as a child (or some such logic). That may be true in some cases, but not all.
      Further, strength does not beget a bully. There are emotional bullies as well. The simple fact that someone is strong does not automatically translate into their becoming a bully and an oversimplification of the issue as this is a detriment to ever reaching a solution.

      • Snaptrap

        Yes there is, but Wil was suggesting that THOSE were THE reasons. They're not. Like you said, there's multiple reasons. The logic isn't inane, it's just poorly interpreted.

  • Sandy

    I didn't even know who Wil Wheaton was when I clicked on this video from IMdB but that was awesome. Mr. Wheaton sir, you have a new fan!

  • Nice try Wil

    Nice reply to the young person in the crowd. But now were in the comment section of this article. And I find it difficult for Wil to know what it's like being picked on when you've been a celebrity ALL your life. I remember him in “Stand by me” which shot him into stardom at a young age and he has had continued success throughout his career, which most child actors won't accomplish. I didn't like him on Star Trek, love him on the Big Bang theory though but don't really think he knows what it's like to be picked on. Probably not like most kids are anyway. Nonetheless, it was a good (not great) reply to a young lady from a guy who has been rich and famous his whole life.

    • Pop Ninjas

      Congrats on knowing so much about Wil Wheatons childhood. It must have been exhausting spending every waking moment following him around all day to have gleaned so much insight to how he became who he became.

      • No trolls allowed

        It wasn't as difficult as your snide reply made it appear. A lot of people have watched Stand, there are plenty of Trekkies and who doesn't like Big Bang Theory? (Rhetorical)
        What I have noticed though, is you can't have an opinion of your own, you have to read and reply on everyone else's opinions. As shown throughout this comments section.
        I think they have a name for that, Troll, right? (Again, rhetorical)

  • rizzo51

    Fantastic! What a WONDERFUL response to her question, and the subject of bullying in general. Bravo, Will!

  • Aeolian

    Even after Googling this guy, I still don't know who he is.

  • Piper

    How sad is it that on a post meant to say “bullying is bad” a bunch of adults can't even lead by that example. There may be no hope for this next generation at all, if this is what the leaders are doing.