‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Backlash: 10 Other Movies That Made Crime Seem Cool (Photos)

Those “outraged” by “The Wolf of Wall Street” suggest it glorifies despicable and illegal behavior in pursuit of the American dream. But come on — this is hardly the first time we've watched bad people do bad things on the big screen … only to reap the benefits.

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  • Jamie

    You might want to show which of those stories are based on true facts, like wolf, not fiction to make a real comparison. The problem with wolf is the story is true and real people were hurt–you know, real victims, not fictional folk who feel no pain. wolf makes “real crime” seem cool. A whole lot different than most of those films.

  • Stuart W

    What's the big deal, the bad guy(s) died or went to jail. There were no good-guys.
    Worst problem the film failed to “kill its darlings” and seriously overlong. Another

    “Good Guys”? Sorry Martin, just ain't gonna happen!

  • David Bertran

    Such a questionable list… How can you forget A Clockwork Orange!??

  • saintgauden

    Can't stand anything Di Caprio does. He's just a bit too feminine in a boyish kinda way. It's like he's a Vienna boys choir guy who never had the hormone boost to turn him into a man. I think this is what makes him soo attractive to the femmes. Gotta hand it to him, though. Almost everything he's in becomes a big production. His acting, like Clooney's, isn't that great.

  • spelunker

    Every time I see the promotional clips for this film it bothers me. A lot of people are still hurting out there and a film like this, while depicting a different time period, is like salt in the wound to people who are still suffering from the shameless avarice of Wall Street.
    It's pretty insensitive of Martin Scorsese to create a movie like this during difficult financial times like these, but what does he care, he's an artist right? Bah…

  • Jane T Estrada

    Loved Caprio and will love always.

  • Christopher Fuentes

    And Requiem for a Dream.

  • Eleanor Jacobs

    Wolf of Wall Street shows a man who wins big doing wrong, but gets caught in the end and who has some very low parts in his life. I don't see the glorification in “You get caught in the end and you destroy your life and those you love.”

  • Katherine

    I think that alot of people have seriously misjudged the intent of this film. If you watched the film and you felt disgusted and run down then maybe you should consider that this was what the director wanted you to feel. Many people are looking at it from a one-dimensional perspective. As for DiCaprio, as usual a brilliant, interpretive, funny, charismatic performance.