What Glorifying? Everything in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ You'd Never, Ever Want to Do

What Glorifying? Everything in 'Wolf of Wall Street' You'd Never, Ever Want to Do

What part of Martin Scorsese's morally bankrupt three-hour film should make anyone envy Jordan Belfort?

Are people still mad at Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio for making “The Wolf of Wall Street” without pounding disapproval for Jordan Belfort into audiences’ heads?

As TheWrap‘s film critic Alonso Duralde pointed out earlier this week, Scorsese's adaptation of Belfort's memoir of the same name ignited an online war between the film's admirers and critics — some of whom accuse the film of “glorifying greed and psychopathic behavior,” as Christina McDowell — the daughter of a stockbroker who went to jail because of Belfort's testimony — wrote.

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Here's a look back at the things Belfort does in “The Wolf of Wall Street” that no one of sound minDiCaprio_Hill - Wolf of Wall Streetd would ever want to do:

– Become addicted to drugs and ingest a complicated regimen to make it through the day.

– Destroy a Lamborghini while on Quaaludes, crash it in your driveway with your young daughter in the front seat.

– Be BFF's with a moronic loser who married his cousin (a character played to sleazy perfection by Jonah Hill).

– Marry a stunning woman,  cheat on her and drive her to divorce.

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Margot_Robbie - Wolf of Wall STreet– Destroy a multi-million dollar yacht.

– Be investigated by the FBI.

– Be arrested by the FBI.

– Get indicted for securities fraud and money laundering.

– Go to prison.

– Help the authorities send friends to prison.

*I would, however, be open to having a monkey visit the office occasionally.Kyle_Chandler - Wolf of Wall Street

  • tru

    Jeezus, how difficult is to comprehend that ANYTIME you cast a LIKABLE actor audience are instructed to root for them?

    Imagine the same movie where Belfort was played by some slimey looking actor… then yes, audience would feel that the movie is a cautionary tale.

    Case in point: Jonah Hill made you sick, right? That was perfect casting.

    This is filmmaking 101. What is Scorsese thinking?

    So, sorry, but casting Di Caprio was glamourazing it. However you want to slice it.

    • Steven Burgas

      You're not the brightest bulb on the tree, eh?

  • Stuart W

    Why all the noise about a particularly lousy and overlong movie?

    • lababarde

      you where either asleep while you watch it or you're an ignoramus

      • Stuart W

        given any particular thoughts on remedial English classes?

        • Biscuiteer

          Is that where people learn to capitalize the first words in their sentences?

          • Stuart W

            no, just that folks like “lababarde” and yourself are particular lower-case opportunities

        • Stuart W

          no, just that you and other blind M.S. lovers are definitely lower-case opportunities.

  • AMPASguy

    I am an Academy member and i found the film exhilarating because of the brilliant direction and writing. In my opinion, great films hold a mirror. If there are moments where Jordan Belfort's life looks like fun, that is precisely the point. Untrammeled greed can be seductive. And they are only moments. As Greg points out, most of his life looks awful. It may be Scorsese's most entertaining and complete film.

  • Kristen Christian

    Many people may have an objection to the fact that although Mr. Belfort still owes $98.4 million in restitution, he's only paid $243,000 since 2009. That's despite collecting $1.7 million from selling books and film rights. He also collected an additional $24,000 from motivational speaking.

    Narcissistic personalities like Mr. Belfort thrive on attention, which this film has amplified. In addition to stroking his ego, we've yet to hold him fully accountable for his actions. The combination of these responses could lead others with similar inclinations to the false conclusion that such behavior is acceptable in civilized society.

    • AMPASguy

      While i don't like rewarding Belfort, a film is not required to right the scales of justice

    • intelligent viewer

      Films are about examining society not righteously banging the audience over the head with morals. This film did an excellent job of that if you watch it with any degre of intelligence. More importantly, films are there to ENTERTAIN not instruct. Get over it and have faith that we are intelligent enough to know right from wrong and enjoy this film for what it is, excellent entertainment and an insight into the lives of the wealthy and corrupt

  • Mimi

    Scorsese and DiCaprio are both quite good at what they do, but only within a limited capacity. I suspect that they could not have produced anything different from the end result even if they wanted to, which clearly they did not. Mostly I was just bored. Stone and Douglas told the same story better 30 years ago.

  • movie goer

    Worst movie I ever saw

    • hupto

      I'm guessing you've never seen any Adam Sandler movies.

  • Biscuiteer

    Jeez, people have either turned into bigger wusses or the ubiquitous media gives them too much attention. Did people react this way to the depiction of Henry Hill's not-so-glamorous life in “Goodfellas”?

    • Stuart W

      no, just that folks like yourself and others definitive lower-case opportunities; as witness the “Wolf” screenplay!

      • Biscuiteer

        Learn to use the language then get back with me and maybe I'll feel some kind of sting from your dumb comment.