Dylan Farrow's Brother Defends Woody Allen Against Sister's Sexual Abuse Claims

Dylan Farrow's Brother Defends Woody Allen Against Sister's Sexual Abuse Claims

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Mia Farrow's estranged adopted son Moses believes his mother implanted memories of molestation in Dylan's mind as a young girl in order to exact revenge on Allen for his affair with Soon-Yi Previn

Moses Farrow does not believe his younger sister, Dylan, was ever sexually abused by Woody Allen.

“Of course Woody did not molest my sister,” Mia Farrow‘s 36-year-old estranged adopted son told People in an interview released on Wednesday. “She loved him and looked forward to seeing him when he would visit. She never hid from him until our mother succeeded in creating the atmosphere of fear and hate towards him.”

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Moses, a family therapist who is now close to Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, told the publication that his mother “drummed” hate into his heart for Allen, but now believes the accusations of Dylan's molestation were “a vengeful way to pay him back for falling in love with Soon-Yi,” Farrow's daughter from a previous marriage.

“The day in question, there were six or seven of us in the house. We were all in public rooms and no one, not my father or sister, was off in any private spaces. My mother was conveniently out shopping,” Moses said. “I don't know if my sister really believes she was molested or is trying to please her mother. Pleasing my mother was very powerful motivation because to be on her wrong side was horrible.”

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Moses maintains that while Mia wanted the public to believe her household full of 14 biological and adopted children was a happy one, he “was often hit as a child.”

“She went into unbridled rages if we angered her, which was intimidating at the very least and often horrifying, leaving us not knowing what she would do,” Moses added.

Dylan, who brought her 20-year-old allegations against Allen back to light earlier this month by publishing an open letter about her ordeal in the New York Times, calls her older brother's comments “a betrayal” to her entire family.

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“My memories are the truth and they are mine and I will live with that for the rest of my life. My mother never coached me. She never planted false memories in my brain. My memories are mine,” Dylan told People. “I remember them. She was distraught when I told her. When I came forward with my story she was hoping against hope that I had made it up. In one of the most heartbreaking conversations I have ever had, she sat me down and asked me if I was telling the truth. She said that Dad said he didn't do anything, and I said, ‘He's lying.'”

  • J.H.

    what an awful brother dylan has.

    • Thorsten Veblen

      Woody or Dylan, take a lie detector test.

      • Frank

        Woody already took a lie detector test. Mia refused.

        • ex Kaybecer

          And Woody passed.

    • ex Kaybecer

      You misspelled “mother” there.

      • J.H.

        Nope. Meant brother: Moses.

        • ex Kaybecer

          The one confirming all the other accounts we have heard? Sad for you.

          • J.H.

            whats sad is that you dont believe the girl who said she was molested. You choose to side with the man she said molested her. Now THAT is sad.

          • ex Kaybecer

            Yep. I do.

          • Tzctplus -

            One doesn't take sides, one should listen to evidence and make logical conclusions. So far nothing logical has been shown by Allen's accusers

  • WillT3

    I believe Moses.

  • AP

    I was a victim of abuse by an extended family member as a small child. My father and the family on his side all said I made it up or it was planted by mother (they were divorced). I am giving Dylan the benefit of the doubt here.

    • dave

      But in the People article she claims that Mia never beats the kids. But during the custody trial, it came out that Mia beat Moses when he lost a dog leash.

      • disgusted

        wtf does that have to do with Woody touching his daughter inappropriately????? And destroying her life in the process??? You totally miss the point and so does her brother. Shame on him for becoming involved in this situation the way he has..HOW DOES HE KNOW THE TRUTH? Only 2 people know the truth for sure and one of those people is Dylan. The other one is a deviant who has proven his deviance by the evidence provided, of which you seem to be seriously misinformed. You are in DENIAL and so is her brother!

        • cardinaldave10

          Shut up, moron. It shows that Mia & Dylan are more than capable of fabricating this story.

    • jhs39

      So basically you believe that Woody Allen, who has never been accused of molestation by anyone else, decided to molest Dylan one time (which is what she claims), and that he conveniently decided to do this when he was in the middle of a custody battle with her mother and the house was full of people? If you are giving the benefit of the doubt to Dylan then you are very gullible. The psychologists who examined her didn't believe her–they said she changed key aspects of her story repeatedly. Psychologists assigned in potential molestation cases always err on the side of the child in case there was abuse but they were and are unequivocal in stating that her story was not credible, that she kept changing it and that it had a rehearsed quality. A nanny who worked in the household said that the videotape where Dylan recounted the episode was made over the course of three days and that Mia Farrow was coaching her the entire time.

      • disgusted

        yeaaa riiiiiiiiight…you think psychiatrists can't be paid off by a verrrry powerful Hollywood personality? And you minimize this by saying “one time”, and add in all kinds of other distractions. The facts are that sexual abuse can, and does take place in circumstances that you would have a hard time wrapping your head around! YOU are gullible -and a child of Dylan's age suffering through this will undoubtedly experience repressed memories, anger, shame and a boatload of other mental health issues. Why put her credibility on the line because of this, it should be his! If you read the evidence against W.A., you will find that he possessed pornographic nude images of Soon Yi when she was the age of 16, so I would say that this makes HIS credibility an issue, NOT DYLAN'S! Why does no one question this sick man's intentions…he's a pervert and deserves jail time!

      • Vance Decker

        Why was he never prosecuted for molesting that Asian girl!?

        • ex Kaybecer

          What Asian girl? I was not aware there was another molestation charge.

    • ex Kaybecer

      Of course. I used to as well. But the more I read the more I believe Woody or more precisely that Mia put lies and stories into her kids’ heads. Horrible.

  • TwiggyB

    We still don't know the whole story. And I thought it could be true until I heard the words, “implanted memories”. Now I'm doubting Dylan and am wondering about Mia's tight stranglehold on those children.

    We've all been there with our parents. We're forced to accept what they give us. They make sure it's little so when it's taken away, there's a giant void and we're left feeling guilty about our own feelings.

    I feel sorry for all concerned. I'm wondering if Dylan will discover one day her memories are implanted. Then what? YIKES!!!

  • Sarah Peart

    I agree with TwiggyB – if these stories were sold as a screenplay – most people would say this is ridiculous. The information in the media at the moment makes it impossible to say where the truth iies. Dylan does believe that she was abused and her pain is real – in my opinion. However I wonder if Mia Farrow thought of this way to get back at him and was facilitated by the fact that Woody relationship with Dylan was being described as unnaturally close by therapists? Two birds with one stone – she could make this closeness seem suspect and ensure that Woody would never see this child to whom he was very attached. I would not be surprised to find that the memories were implanted – terribly sorry for Dylan because she would feel so abused by her mother and terrible guilt about having accused an innocent man. Of course she has not seen him for 21/22 years so it depends how strong a memory she has of him.

  • Rex Rexmano

    What a screwed up family!

    • Andy Shane Corona

      I have always believed Mia Farrow, and Moses, you are an idiot, maybe you just never opened your eyes! And I have always hated these stars like scarlett johansson who always played up Woody Allen, he is a child Molester and he always will be, and I feel so sorry for Dylan too!

      • ex Kaybecer

        He always will be? Where are the other allegations>? Has anyone prevented him or Soon Yi from adopting? sorry, your allegations don't hold water.

  • Sharibee

    Seriously? Now you are all jumping on the brother for his statement. He lived there you did not. Mia seems to be enjoying this publicity, from Rowans “real dad” may may be Frank Sinatra (yea riiiight. Bring a famous dead man into the middle of your family) She even made a statement about Philip Seymour Hoffman's death. Why? Me think she likes her name in print.

  • franmer

    It is hard to say what has happened here. As a woman and a parent, I want to believe that Dylan was abused by Woody Allen. But as a logical person and a social worker myself, I cannot wrap my arms as to why would anyone all of sudden decide to publicize this so many years later and then discuss this so publicly. I personally have sensed that there is something so very wrong with Mia Farrow. She seems like a bitter woman. She comes across as unbalanced and incredibly delusional. That is my opinion as I have seen her in my neighborhood. But Woody Allen is not straight either. I feel that there is something off here and no one will ever really know.

    • disgusted

      It's a shame that you, as a social worker hasn't studied the facts of child abuse and sexual molestation and know about such terms as repressed memories, shame, anger, rage and mental health issues that COMMONLY occur and are often carried on as dysfunction for life as a result. Wrap your head around child sexual abuse: it does happen in the most unlikely of circumstances. I highly doubt that in a high profile case such as this, the accused will not do everything within his power to suppress the pertinent facts, point a blaming finger at Mia, and call both of them crazy or overly imaginative. Sigh…surely you must have the logic to see the potential for a wealthy Hollywood personality to manipulate the outcome of this case and realize that no way in hell would he step to the plate and say, “Oh yea, okay I did do this.” Pfffft.

  • nimportequoi

    As a child, I was sexually molested. No one knew although we spend the time together. I told my mother and siblings in my late 20's and they denied it. They thought I was crazy. I went through therapy for over 10 years to be able to cope.
    My mother denies it to this day. But I am the one who was broken and incapable of functioning amongst humans. i believe in Dylan. Women seem to always be treated as hysterical liars.

    But Mia and Woody are wrong in using their children as puppets in their warped and deranged games.

    • ex Kaybecer

      Actually, women can make false accusations against men and are almost always believed, no matter how pathological they are. I know of two men jailed for alleged sexual assaults. Neither was guilty. (Both were freed.) Punishment for the lying bit¢hes?Nothing. Nada. Zero.
      I agree that Mia is using her children. But I fear she has been doing this for many years.

  • rhonda

    These folks don't need to post responses in newspapers and magazines, they need to appear as guests on the Jerry Springer show.

  • alumette

    Seems like Mia did a number on her kids….brainwashing them to hate. She was cleared to adopt many kids….how many did she screw up ? get a shrink, old girl….you have issues.

    • ex Kaybecer

      Yep—I feel so bad for Woody as well as the children. Hopefully they will eventually realize that sometimes some parents can be horrible people AND parents.

  • Fossil1944

    I know only to well the power of manipulation, weather it was used here only the family knows. Airing it in public certainly isn't going to help anything unless it encourages some child who is or has been abused to seek help.

  • disgusted

    People! Listen up: the bottom line is that a daughter is claiming sexual abuse against her father. I don't care who he is or how famous he is – all of that is not pertinent to this issue, other than that it skewers the general public's opinion of an alleged pedophile merely because he “makes great movies” (???) OMG, wtf is wrong with you people?? It's laughable that you would even question Dylan's intent and credibility. She has every right to proceed with this process. Those of you making claims of Mia F.'s questionable parenting capacity is beside the point. Why on earth would Dylan want publicity of this sort at this stage in life?? Good God, as if she doesn't have enough fortune merely being the child of a star?? I highly doubt that she would make up, or be brainwashed and making these types of allegations so she can get her face on a news article.

    I have suffered through childhood sexual abuse, and I can guarantee that it can be life destroying. And to see the man who did this to me have over 250 people show up at his funeral, to celebrate how “wonderful” he was, nearly made me want to die inside. I can totally relate with Dylan's need for this man to receive the punishment he deserves and for her to receive the retribution that she deserves for what he did to her.

    You do all realize that this miscreant director had nude pictures of Soon Yi, when she was the age of 16 yrs old – and God knows that a 16 yr old wouldn't have been passing out these kinds of pictures to her adopted father unless she'd been “primed” for this type of activity for a long period of time prior to this…. That in itself is enough to prosecute him for pedophilia. Get over yourselves and stop sticking your head in the sand for being fanboys and girls of this deviant person. Any who defend this sick person make me want to puke!

    • moishe pippick

      Everyone is disgusted by sexual abuse of a child. That doesn't mean we have to automatically accept a child's word anytime an accusation is made, because sometimes they are wrong. The first time I ever heard of child molestation was when I was 9 and the McMartin Pre-school was in the news. I heard horrible, frightening stories of abuse that chill me to this day. Years later we all learned it was completely false. If you think that children can't lie or be coerced into saying a lie, you must not know any children.
      You're not proving any moral superiority for taking Dylan Farrow's story as truth, but I suspect you think you are. We all want to protect kids from bad things, and there's nothing worse than a child molester. But that's exactly why we need to tread carefully with this kind of charge. The fact that the girls brother has come out so strongly against her story and her mother is rather astonishing. Before this, one might think that the idea of ‘implanted memories’ is a ridiculous excuse by Allen's side, but here comes his formerly-estranged son who is also a family therapist and he explicitly confirms the story. At the very least the should give you pause, and perhaps save you from puking too.

      • ex Kaybecer

        Fantastic rebuttal.
        Mazel tov, Moishe.

        • moishe pippick

          Thanks! BUT… I just re-read disgusted's comment and I'm embarrassed to say I didn't read the part where the writer stated that he or she had been sexually abused as a child. I stand by the bulk of my comment, but I was wrong to make any moral judgment on the commenters supposed sense of ‘moral superiority'.
          To ‘Disgusted’ – I'm sorry. I messed up and said something really nasty when I should have known better.

  • Paul

    He was proved innocent of this years ago. As a journalist, I feel the NY Times was wrong to allow this op-ed piece in their paper without any new evidence. NY Times just doing whatever they can to sell papers. To all of you slamming Woody (probably for marrying his adopted daughter), you have no substantive proof he did anything.

    • taylor.brooks@yahoo.com

      well let me say this how many stable people marry there adopted child because this is my morals behind that if i adopt a child i would never think of that child sexually because when you adopt a child they are your child and responsibilty just like when you have your child just the same as a step parent no one could ever tell me that if you raise a child and you ever claim to be in love and take it to another level than being a parent you are sick ….no if ands about it .i thank god for blessing me with my children it is a shame that a molester could ever take that innosense from a child .

  • Hope

    You can use personal life experiences to maneuver through life; make sense of life through your perspective, yet we should know that our experiences even when shared sometimes limit us or give us great insight either way each case has to be judged on its own merits. I just everyone get the healing that they need.

  • iflyforu

    Every time these kids need money they jump on Woddy,who really cares what happened 30 years ago there are more important things in life than these kids B/S.

  • LongMemory

    This is old news. I remember when Mia took her child to the doctor and the doctor reported the abuse. The issue went to court and Allen walked after a slap on the wrist. The court failed the child and heaven knows what else Allen did. Eventually, he married one of his adopted children after abusing her when she was well under age. The man is sick and it has been common knowledge for many years. Those of you defending him probably think Michael Jackson was wonderful, too.

    • Chris Frank

      Woody Allen never adopted Soon-Yi Previn, nor did he abuse her.

  • taylor

    just saying this people if you marry your adopted child your sick you took that child to raise as if its but your child how do you have sexual thoughts about a child period ? but you took that child from little bitty so there is no justifying the story in any way .he is a sick man no matter what anyone says if i adopt a child its my child not my husband down the road but my kid.

  • Ladybug

    Dylan, Call Steve Wilkos Show!!!!

  • Rachael

    Coming from an abusive parental background I can see both sides on this. I am overwhelmingly troubled by the fact that Allen married one of Mia Farrows adopted children. Blood relative or not she was an adopted child and Allen should never have had any “romantic” anything with her leading to sex, love or marriage. He should have acted as her father, or male parental figure PERIOD! So I am more inclined to NOT dismiss Dylan Farrow based on Allen's own behavior! He should be investigated.

    • ex Kaybecer

      Rachael, about that seeing “both sides”…not really getting that from you.
      And I hate to mention but he WAS investigated. And cleared. And pass ed a lie detector test. Which Mia refused to take.

      • Rachael

        I was not there. I do not know what happened. As well I do not have all the evidence.
        My recollection of all this years ago was this was an ugly case and Allen got an easy pass on all this.
        I can not reconcile in my mind that a man that molests and marries
        an adoptive daughter is ok. He was married to Mia at the time so he was a male parental figure to the girl.

  • Drake


    the only real person on this post is cardinaldave10 disgusted

    • 3 hours agoShut up, moron. It shows that Mia & Dylan are more than capable of fabricating this story.

  • For Sure

    Well, First off to all those of us that we have all the facts. Is this. All professionals that have been in the field of AMAC (Adults Molested as Children) and who are experts in the field know for sure and that is sound FACTS that cannot be disputed is this.

    #1 Most molestations take place with only the perpetrator and the victim. Of these claims 99.9% do not have a witness there to validate the victims story. So, no doubt of these claims are always in questioned because of the “He said She said.”

    #2. Immediate family or friends first response is “WHAT!, WHERE?
    WHEN WHY…. didn't you come to tell me?
    #3. The perpetrator grooms their victims (first) rather its their own children, their
    personals friends children, nieces or nephews, brother-in-laws, uncles and this
    does not include the statistics that are coming out on Women molesting
    children sadly to say.
    #4 The mothers of these abused children sadly to say most of them didn't know
    about the molestation till years later. However, there are the mothers
    that suspected something happened but just thought it was in their own minds
    perhaps there were behaviors by their own husbands or brothers that they
    shrugged off. Then as their daughters become older and start telling their
    life experiences as a child in these households. People like those who have
    voice their opinions don's educate themselves in the reality of those who have
    been victims of such a heinous crimes against children.
    #5 Watch for signs from the children. What is so sick about these types of crimes
    is that children's minds are in a developing stage. All they know is that their told
    while they are being molested that this is “Our secret” this is what daddy's
    do. “You, don't want mommy to get mad at us.” “So don't tell ok.”"
    A few signs to hear for (or) signals from their our young children's faces:
    I don't want to stay here by myself with him.
    I don't like him.
    I don't want to go to the store with him.
    I don't want to take a nap with him.
    I don't want to go camping with them.
    Watch your child's face:
    They display resistance
    They look at you with big eyes that may display fear, while shaking their head.
    * Again, the perpetrator includes his sick deviant thinking on a child, making them believe that their doing it “together.” This is why it is such a heinous crime against children. This is called grooming the child.
    #6 Family members that are in denial. Many children rather with two or more
    siblings are not even aware of the molestation that is going on with one or more
    of their own siblings. Especially in large families. The molester will most likely
    pick out one or two of the girls in a family and not even touch the others. Sadly
    to say there will be those within the family that will defend the family
    member that is being accused, because they never seen anything like that
    coming from their father, their uncle or their dads friend. The molester is going to
    be on his good behavior when in front of others. They don't want an audience
    while they are molesting their own loved ones family member. (RIGHT) Sadly
    to say it devastates whole families and even breaks the families apart.
    There is much data out there for all of us to educate ourselves in this area of crime.
    Its like I have told others who have never gone through.
    Just because a man was not convicted of child molestation; due to lack of evidence in a court of law. Doesn't mean that the crime not committed, with such lack of evidence.
    #7. The majority of child molesters will deny it because they know they could go to
    prison, not jail. PRSION
    The ones that do admit it are: ones that got caught in the act.
    DNA evidence.
    Or they admit – straight-out.
    #8. There are those who have lied – but come out later. That is another issue and
    fact(s) we as a society have to consider. However, the facts in this area is
    another crime within itself and has destroyed peoples lives.
    For the record Ronan and Dylan's brother Moses, he is in denial and probably will be until, something in the year's ahead will come out and he will have to live with
    in shame of standing by a child molester. So, validation comes in all forms.
    I suggest that those who are not educated in this field. Needs to take off blind folds
    and do their research as you may become a victim or know of a victim within your own family or circle of friends.
    I could write pages after pages of facts here and those who are out there do not
    want to take this young woman's ” life testimony” who lived it and has had to defend herself for years, trying to help another one of his victims through the future is very brave to come out and tell it like it is. While the Hollywood fans of Allen's are using Mia as a scape goat to the reality of while growing up with a very well-known man through Hollywood as being a “nice guy.” Well, nice guys commit crimes. Nice guys molest children”

  • Tula

    I was abused myself and worked with children even celebrities kids for many years. General facts, kids lie on their own merit often to protect themselves and they are susceptible to believing their own stories and stories retold to them. A teacher once told me of a friend of hers whose 7 year old told his teacher that he didn't do his homework because his parents had a party and he was locked outside until well past midnight. He was cold and tired and well, his homework was inside. The teacher was forced to report it. This family lost their child for a year, fighting the system. Their son admitted the truth along the way but it didn't stop the trajectory of the lie.
    In this case, we have mother and child who say it happened, a doctor who did his job which is that he is to report this kind of stuff if he is told it whether he believes the story or not, one brother who was what, 4 when the abuse was to have taken place who I'm not sure he has outright said his father did it but has repeated the accusations and another brother who was about 13 at the time who notes that the only known incident was one time during the custody battle (something I don't know for sure about) and he remembers clearly that it could not have happened then as well as how his sister clearly loved her father without hesitation. The case was investigated and Woody was cleared. He even took a lie detector which Farrow did not. Facts about Allen. No one else has accused him of sexual abuse. He had an affair and married the adopted daughter of his lover (not his adopted daughter). He never lived with Mia or the children they had together or she had on her own. He lived in NY. She lived in Connecticut. We only know of the affair from the time, Soon-Yi was 20. Weird, even bad decision? Yes. But not even a sliver of proof of sexual abuse.
    What do we know about Mia, she and Sinatra supposedly divorced over a haircut and she now says they continued their sexual relationship through her second marriage and subsequent relationship with Woody for at least 18 years (not to mention through Sinatra's marriages),claiming he is possibly Ronan's dad. She changed the first name of Satchel, given to him by Woody, to his middle name Ronan after the split. She was not cleared of excessive punishment of her kids. Not much of a defense but Soon-Yi herself noted that she was slapped across the face by her mother when she found out about the affair. Kind of deserved though. Moses is also accusing his mother of rage and brainwashing.
    In my humble opinion as someone who wasn't there but plainly looking at the information as given. There is no evidence of sexual abuse on Woody's part and thus, he can't be treated in the way that Dylan, Ronan or Mia would like. Mia, on the other hand, by her own admitted actions comes off as selfish without the necessary regard for her children I would hope a mother would have. And no doubt she is bitter. Bitterness is blinding but we shouldn't be blinded ourselves even by our wish to make sure victims of sexual abuse get the healing we deserve.

    • ex Kaybecer

      I am very sorry you were abused, and if anyone's opinion here should be valued and respected it should be yours.
      I don't think anyone could have phrased it better or with more eloquence. Thank you, Tula, for speaking up.

  • Vance Decker

    Is it any surprise that this sick perv signed the petition to exonerate fellow pedophile Roman Polanski?

    Gross!? People like this should be in jail, not debated in t6he Newspaper.

    • ex Kaybecer

      What is a surprise is that you are equating a “sick perv” who has been convicted of NOTHING–not even indicted—with a man who at least was found guilty of something.
      Maybe new facts have come to light in the Polanski case?
      Maybe the charges should be reduced?
      Maybe he simply BELIEVES his friend to be innocent?

      Or have you already made up your tiny mind?