Woody Allen Asks New York Times to Publish His Response to Dylan Farrow Sex Abuse Claims

Woody Allen Asks New York Times to Publish His Response to Dylan Farrow Sex Abuse Claims

Public Editor Margaret Sullivan says Allen has asked for a chance to respond

Woody Allen has asked the New York Times for a chance to respond to accusations Dylan Farrow made in an Op-Ed piece on Saturday, claiming that the celebrated filmmaker molested her when she was a child — and the Times is considering publishing it.

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“They asked and we said, ‘Yes, send it in,'” Times Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal said in an article by Public Editor Margaret Sullivan posted on Wednesday.

But Rosenthal said that all Op-Ed pieces are subject to editing, and the section has not yet decided whether it will in fact publish the response, when it receives it.

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“Normally, we don't publish a direct response” as a full article, Rosenthal said. Instead, the editorial page runs responses as letters to the editor.

“In this case, it was so personal, we thought that we should.”

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Sullivan wrote that the Allen response may appear in the next few days.

  • kakak

    This is all going to make abused kids stop coming forward.

    • asdf

      No it won't. This is only getting so much publicity because they are such public figures.

    • jhs39

      She isn't an abused kid except by her mother. If you know the facts behind the case her story doesn't make any sense. There was never any physical evidence of abuse. A housekeeper who worked for Farrow said the video Dylan made outlining her accusations when she was a child was filmed over the course of 3 days and that her mom was coaching her the entire time. Psychologists investigating the abuse allegations did not find Dylan credible and said she kept changing key aspects of her story. The single incident of abuse supposedly occurred after Allen had started dating Soon-Yi, while the house was full of people and while Farrow and Allen were engaged in a bitter court fight. There is absolutely no reason to believe Dylan Farrow's story.

      • Bo

        Excellent post. People have become so enconsed with this mob mentality of burning witches at the stake that they refuse to see and hear what you just posted. This child molestation fills people with uncontrollable fear and distorts their perceptions and thoughts until they become idiots. Again, excellent post and people should pay heed to what you just brought forward. Thanks.

      • Jean

        You're just parroting a terrible opinion piece by Robert Weide, noted Woody Allen fan. If you want to know why your post is fatuous,read the response to Weide's biased drivel on Slate. Your “facts” are all skewed.

        • FutureThinker890

          I found the Slate piece to be simply someone with an strong opinion getting angry at someone else for having a different opinion. I found it weak.

  • rose528

    will not read a pedophiles response to his victim's accusations

    • Jimboooo

      What are you talking about. If someone accused you of the same thing, would you be glad the world assumes you are guilty?

      • NYIceLander90

        Jim, you can't reason with god damned fools like Rose, who take the side of an alleged molestation victim simply because she wrote a letter accusing a man that wasn't even convicted 20 years ago. The Farrows see Woody get the lifetime achievement award, and they got so enraged seeing that he has moved on with his life that they decided now was a great time to ruin him all over again. Mia is a sick and twisted witch, Ronan is an entitled prick, and Dylan believes that 20 years of being brainwashed makes her story any more realistic.

        • Steven Kaye

          Ironically enough, back in 2005 Entertainment Tonight visited the Farrows and Ronan – in reference to the Mia/Woody scandal – said that he'd made up his own mind about it and that it should not be spoken about. Looks like he's gotten dumber as he's gotten older.

      • mrf

        It's possible “Rose” was a victim of child molestation, and that her molester got away with it.

      • rose528

        he is a pedophile and every says it doesn't fit the facts..who's facts we all know facts can be fabricated

        • Damn-Deal-Done

          Facts can't be fabricated. They are by their own definition FACTS. Stupid people shouldn't get involved in matters that are beyond their level of comprehension.

    • jhs39

      The facts don't support her story. The New York times should never have published her Op-Ed piece in the first place because it was nothing but character assassination and served no purpose but to make idiots like you rush to judgement without knowing anything about the facts of the case.

      Nobody else has ever made a child molestation accusation against Woody Allen. It isn't something you try once because you are bored and have nothing better to do–it's a compulsion. Every time someone came forward saying that they were molested by a priest others ended up coming forward as well. Nothing like that happened with Woody Allen.

      Supposedly Woody Allen molested Dylan Farrow once, and it was when the house was full of people and, conveniently for her mother, during the course of a bitter custody hearing.

      A housekeeper who worked for Farrow said that the video that Dylan made outlining her accusation was filmed over the course of three days with her mother stopping the camera repeatedly and coaching her the entire time.

      Psychologists who talked to the girl while investigating the abuse claim said key elements of her story kept changing.

      There was never any physical evidence of abuse.

      When her brother came out and said that the incident never happened her reaction was to say that it was a betrayal of the family.

      Doesn't that strike you as a little odd? That makes it sound like the whole family had a stake in her molestation story. I would think her brother calling her a liar publicly would be a personal betrayal, not a family one.

      There simply isn't any reason to believe Dylan Farrow unless you think girls are incapable of not telling the truth.

      • Woop DeDoo

        I've also heard that children's lies about molestation are much more common in bad divorce cases than people believe– or want to believe.
        I myself am uncertain.
        I know that with Michael Jackson, when you research the facts you discover that so many lies were told about the man that it's unbelievable. I'm not saying that he didn't abuse anyone. But I am saying that *at least* 90% of the accusations are proven lies.

      • Bo

        Again, an excellent and intelligent response to this mess. People have got to attempt to refrain from joining the mob mentality that has itself committed many horrible atrocities due to ignorance and fear and innocent people have been put to death and usually in unimagineably horrible ways. Now they want to do the same to Allen without fully researching the facts. It's a horrible mess and human beings that molest and those that in turn falsely accuse others of molestation are the lowest of the low. Hard stuff to be aware of and live with any degree of peace in the crazy world.

      • Steven Kaye

        Very well put. Logic and common sense are on Woody's side.

  • Jim

    I hear it's only two words that begins with an “F” and an “Y.”

  • Stuart W

    Yeah! Imagine this really upsets those who have already found Mr. Allen guilty without due process. The fact that NYTIMES is “considering” Allen's request to rebut the specious charges (now a generation old) rather than just provide his rights , might lead observers to recognize that Allen has many enemies anxious to libel him. Our country's judicial system finds it strength in the “presumption of innocence” until proven. Readers desirous of depriving Woody Allen of his rights obviously are guided solely by their own manifest, misguided and discredited prejudices.

    • Woop DeDoo

      Well, the “presumption of innocence” was always a crock of sh-t, like so many things that they drilled into our heads when we were children.
      Ask anyone who challenged a cop's claims in court (even with a team of lawyers) about the “presumption of innocence.” The judge sides automatically with the cop unless there is any substantial evidence to prove otherwise. It's all bullsh–.

      • Bo

        You have just demonstrated your distorted perceptions. One only has to remember the O.J. trial and how the defense attacked the police and the jury bought it because of their long beliefs of cops being the boogie man and indeed cops have been horrible to the black race. Not in the O.J. case. They properly conducted an iron clad case and collected massive amounts of evidence proving O.J. killed those 2 people. Yet he got off so your calling it all BS is incorrect. To top it off my brother was a cop and he said the most frustrating part of his job was the court system and how they much of the time let obvious guilty people go.

        • Woop DeDoo

          Please. No judge or lawyer in the country will tell you that the O.J. case is any way typical of a “normal” trial in America.

          • DontcallmePete

            No but it was typical of an L.A. case where there seemed to be an abundance of evidence against a defendant. Witness the cases of Robert Blake and Kelly Soo Park. Bo is right though in one thing. LAPDs behavior made it easy for some on the O.J. jury made it easier to buy the argument of the defense.

    • Bo

      Correct. In fact, this case has already been thru the court system and deemed unworthy of prosection as there just was no evidence that Allen committed this crime. Mia Farrow and now her daughter just can't let it go. I feel deeply for the daughter and now grown woman. She has had and will continue to have a very rough road to travel due to this mess. Bad enough if it's true, which I've always doubted. But much, much worse if it isn't true and Farrow as the mother brainwashed her 7 yr. old daughter to serve her own purposes. That's beyond monstrous and I tend to believe is the case here.

      • D Davis

        Woody Allen is a pedophile who got away with his crimes because our judicial system allows sex freaks off the hook where it's difficult to prove sex crimes. He's guilty as sin and got away with it just as Roman Polanski did.

    • Jean

      Yes. Because we all have the right to have our opinions printed in the New York Times.

    • susieq2u

      Yeah, he's really at a loss for a forum, or for defenders. If you ever care to read the State Supreme Court transcript and decision that rejected Allen's request for custody AND unsupervised visitation rights of Dylan you might learn that 2 years prior to Mia discovering the photos of Soon Yi she and many others were disturbed by his singular obsession with Dylan and that he agreed to undergo counseling for it. That after Dylan first alleged the attack to Mia she took her to a counselor and Mia expressed her hope that it wasn't true. That there were witnesses to him putting his face on the girls lap when she had no underpants on and that the court decided to reject his bid b/c they felt they needed to protect Dylan. The rest is the spin of his therapists, his team, his power. And finally – he won't ever be prosecuted for this. He did get away with it. So go defend someone who needs defending.

  • Richard Stellar

    In all fairness, the response should be printed in its entirety. This is being tried in the court of public opinion, and if Woody has a response, who are we to deny it? After that, there should be an investigation, an attempt at rehabilitation, and if all else fails, castration.

  • bluefish

    Given what the Times pulled in publishing this Open Letter, under Kristof's tent, they need to publish Allen's response in full. Regardless of what happened, I don't want to see the USA start trying ANYONE in its newspapers in this way. I am beyond shocked that the Times went so low. As for Dylan, I hope she's okay and that she gets whatever help she needs. Both Mia and Ronan Farrow seem smug, self-satisfied, and totally self-absorbed. Way way messy.

    • FutureThinker890

      Agree, and this case will not be kind to Ronan's budding MSBC career, where he was scheduled to appear as a 21st century hero.

  • DontcallmePete

    Moses Farrow has defended Woody Allen. What would be his motivation? No one but Woody and Mia were in that marriage so only they know what truly transpired. I happen to like Nicholas Kristof but I was really troubled by this letter. Woody at least deserves to tell his side of the story.

  • http://blogofawsome.wordpress.com/ Ivan Reyes

    It's hard to argue for him when he married his adopted daughter….

    • Damn-Deal-Done

      He never married his adopted daughter. Why must we keep repeating this. Learn to bloody read.

      • http://blogofawsome.wordpress.com/ Ivan Reyes

        Look it's not set in stone “technically”. But if she was Mia's biological daughter and he was Mia's partner for sometime and has a child with Mia then in some way he is a form of father figure to the girl it would be much worse, let alone a sister to his child (imagine if your father was having relations with your half sister). Also he was in his 60s and she was 20 when this was discovered.

        All i am saying is that he had power over her, he was trusted and expected to keep off that line and he crossed it, even caught with nude photos. He should had been more than capable to say no even if the girl forced herself upon him. The jump just doesn't feel too big for him in comparison to other people from that perspective. Don't want to play lawyer and judge it's just hard for me to say that it's easy to trust the guy.