‘Young and the Restless’ Michael Muhney Exit Week Helps Push CBS Daytime to 8-Year High

'Young and the Restless' Michael Muhney Exit Week Helps Push CBS Daytime to 8-Year High

Muhney and co-star Billy Miller's departures occur amid a banner week for the series

The departures of “The Young and the Restless” cast members Michael Muhney and Billy Miller — and showdown between their characters Billy Abbott and Adam Newman — helped drive the soap to its best ratings week since 2008, and contributed to an eight-year high for CBS's daytime slate overall.

For the week ending Feb. 2, “The Young and the Restless” averaged 5.73 million total viewers — its strongest showing since the week ending Feb. 29, 2008. (In the women 25-54 demographic, “Y&R” scored a 2.3 rating/12 share, its best weekly perfornance since Feb. 2011.)

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The network's other daytime drama, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” also scored big, averaging 4.17 million total viewers, making it the show's most-watched week since the week ending April 13, 2007.

CBS's daytime yakker “The Talk” and game show “Let's Make a Deal” had their own reason to celebrate, with both series hitting series highs with total viewers and matching their highs in the women 25-54 demo. For the week, “The Talk” averaged 3.19 million total viewers, with a 1.2/07 in the demo. The earlier installment of “Let's Make a Deal” averaged 3.71 million total viewers, while the later edition averaged 4.22 million total viewers.

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“The Price Is Right,” meanwhile, posted its largest audiences in nearly a decade, with the earlier edition averaging 6.08 million total viewers — its best since the week ending Dec. 31, 2004 — and the later edition enjoying its most-watched week since the week ending Jan. 1, 2005 with 7.12 million total viewers.

Overall, CBS's daytime slate averaged 4.79 million total viewers for the week — the highest total viewership since the week ending Dec. 30, 2005.

Muhney was terminated from “The Young and the Restless” after allegedly fondling the breasts of co-star Hunter King.

  • Diane

    They can keep their stupid ratings. I hope Y&R drops out of sight SOON!!!

  • Lori Conner

    Part of what I see is …. MM and BM was still on the show when those ratings came in..Lets sit back and wait for a month or so to see what the ratings come in at then…If they are still highhhhh then I will know something is a miss on the ratings….

  • Lynne Bures

    Part of the week is attributed to a very cold and snowy USA. Lots of home bound workers and kids.

  • Lynne Bures

    Plus we know the media ALWAYS has it right…RIGHT?

  • Lorie Parker

    I feel sure ratings last week were because all the Michael Muhney and Billy Miller fans were wanting to get every minute in with their last week performance. Bet the comings weeks rating isn't the same. Lower?. Days and GH are pretty good. Recording them now.

    • judy

      Absolutely! I'm a big fan of GH, and I hope they bring MM and BM! That would serve JFP right! She leaves gh, took a few actors with her, fires great actors at y&r, and they show up on GH! Karmic justice, lol! Great for us fans, for sure! RIP Y&R…

  • judy

    What a load of crap! Sure people/fans tuned in to see an AMAZING few last scenes with Michael Muhney and Billy Miller! That's all. With JFP in charge, this shows ratings will plummet! She will destroy those so-called high ratings! The actors that remained have insulted the fans, mocked and made excuses for JFP's actions! She's sinking another soap, ratings were good for January 30th, then we left y&r, in the dust. We'll follow MM and BM, sorry cbs!

  • lucy2010

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Their departures didn't occur “amid a banner week for the series”–their final days as cast members resulted in a banner week for the series.

  • nikki78

    Come on… SERIOUSLY. Of course they had the highest ratings in years.. It was BOTH Michael Muhneys & Billy Millers LAST WEEK… Just wait.. What it plummet!! I myself haven't watched all week BUT did take a peek for about 5-10 minutes, I was sick. I'm sorry but its NOT THE SAME… Although TOM is the original “Billy”… MILLER took that roll and made into something LEGENDARY. I was so sick & discusted I couldn't watch one more second. Milller is now Billy Abott and will always be. As for Michael Muhney.. All I can say to that is THE biggest mistake in DAYTIME HISTORY. Y&R will NEVER EVER be able to find an “Adam” that can hold up next to Muheny & we don't even want them to try. It was a sad sad week with out seeing the AMAZING talent of Michael Muhney on Y&R… I actually HATE the show now. The cast that were his friends (and spoke highly of MM in MANY interviews including HUNTER KING – not too long ago either) who are now turning on him make me literally see red & TPTB are just so STUPID & SUCK! These 2 actors were THE FUTURE… They both could have been Soap Legands. Michael Muhney was the whole show & if it came down to it.. They should have done EVERYTHING possible to make both BM & MM permenent fixtures on Y&R until they were grey & old. Whomever made this choice that EB & HK were more important should be fired. And whomever made the decision not to let BM do “other” projects should also be fired!!! And whether or not JFP was a part of it… She still NEEDS to be fired because she has killed our show.. The couples we loved are no more & the characters the fans want to see a placed in the back burner replacing then with Her favorites & she has NO care for the fans & what we love and want to see. Do u REALLY think it was a smart choice to pick Hunter King OVER Michael Muhney? Whatd wrong with you, HK could be off screen tomorrow never to return & NO ONE would notice or care.. We live in America…THIS man IS innocent UNTIL proven guilty, you made the wrong choice, MM as Adam Newman was well on his way to being the Patriarch of the show & for many years to come! And as far as EB, he's old news you need a younger actor to take his place, he's done & needs to be placed in the background. All his animosity is BECAUSE he knows it too! FYI: Michael Muhney IS better then EB in EVERYWAY. He's a better actor & much more interesting to watch. EB is jealous & we the FANS are sick of Victor & sick of EBs nonsense. We would rather see MM & BM then HK or EB, for sure!! If you dont do somethig QUICK and these 2 actors go somewhere else, ur #1 spot will be no more – WAKE UP & LISTEN! So… screw you Y&R from a 30 year fan (Plus 4 generations of viewers) you've disappointed me & until YOU STOP IGNORING US, make some changes & show your FANS how important we are IM DONE with YOU! Obviously, you have no respect for the people who made u what u are today, NONE and that's the bottom line.

    • Fabienne

      Very well put in words.Totally agree..We quit watching the show for good.

    • twink

      Michael most likely told her she a bad actress and she said I ll fix you because I think she is a bad actress so y&r keeps bad and gets rid of good will be searching for you Michael

  • Carm Caliguire

    Just wait till the see the next set of rating after the results of thousands and thousands of us doing the Muhney Walk! Those are the ratings I'm waiting to see and I hope they are in the toilet!

  • Stephanie PhDiva Miller

    BS! You meant to write at a “All Time Low” Y&R is more boring than ever! Wherever Michael Muhney goes, we will follow…I don't believe her groped that simple non-acting ass! Funny how she deleted her Miley Cyrus type photos from Facebook when we said something about how she was half naked in most of her pictures! Watching the rest of the actors is like watching “Wet Paint Dry” Dream on Y&R!

  • nevereverland

    This is so dumb… He grabbed a 20 year Olds breasts. He is a sick guy… I love Y & R they made the right decision. . Get over it.

    • David

      Are you sure he grabbed her breasts…were you there? I'm not saying he didn't nor am I saying he did but boy are you ever quick to judge others….no one will ever know the whole truth…by the way he ALLEGEDLY groped her, you do know what the word ALLEGEDLY means right?

      • nevereverland

        I do know DAVID. I'm not judging but apparently they had enough on him to can his ass. Eveyone is judging her, and the writers….Its my opinion… because I am not jumping on his ‘fan’ wagon, I am for the ALLEGED victim, I don't know the whole truth…. I doubt anyone does…

        • Lynne Bures

          However you were quick to jump on ‘he grabbed a 20 year old's breasts’ pretty strong for an ‘opinion'. And if he did and SHE allowed it not once, but twice and then filed no charges…what does that make her?

    • Lynne Bures

      Really? Were you there? It appears the ‘word’ got out because someone's husband's sister's cousin heard. So if you're willing to declare someone guilty based on that…you're in the wrong country. For TRUE Y&R fans this is so much more than Michael. It's Billy, it's Michelle. It's lack of story line. And most importantly it's disrespect to the fans as we have witnessed over and over since this began.

      • nevereverland

        Lol. How do you know she allowed it? Your quick to judge her? So you must be in the wrong county too? …..

        • nevereverland

          Lynne Bures
          However you were quick to jump on ‘he grabbed a 20 year old's breasts’ pretty strong for an ‘opinion'. And if he did and SHE allowed it not once, but twice and then filed no charges…what does that make her?

          7:19 p.m., Friday Feb. 7

          • nevereverland

            Your deleted comment…. everyone is judging. .. even you

          • Lynne Bures

            Well I have a daughter if someone grabber her they'd have a broken nose and be in custody. If her grabbed her once shame on him, twice shame on her. However I was careful with my words and said IF. All I know is that story lines suck and they've lost excellent people. I don't like how St. John and Braedan came out and disrespected everyone. SO for me it's a whole fruit bowl of issues.

        • rayrita54

          If this story is true, about david, its a shame to see a talented actor been exited, because of a misbehaver of a sad actress, Frankly ,summer,s role needs to be replaced too.

  • Vicki Malerich

    the new Billy suxs cant stand the way he talks and acts so im saying bye bye R & R

  • Colonel maa

    I am upset with Y & R about the firings. What is happening. First you have Lilly and Cane living a surreal so called life. Normal people do NOT act syrupy every day like that. Then the story of Billy and Adam. This is downright awful. What is going on!! You are pushing this show to the chopping block!!

  • crystal

    I am a huge fan of Y&R but i can not stand the new/orginal Billy!! He is a over actor & i hope the writers or who ever find someone else soon!!!

  • primadonna55

    MM and BM are a great loss for Y & R. Just isn't worth watching without them. Zzzzzzzzz…..

  • Dee

    Billy Miller has been an amazing Billy. That being said I was pleasantly pleased with David Tom. I think he stepped up and became Billy. Give him a chance. I'm sick of Adam. Kill him off. (Victor Too lol) Btw I have watched for 25+

  • Jean Heath

    It still bothers me that IF the allegations were true – he should have been walked off the set immediately NOT kept until this story line was finished. Investigation immediate. More than being told IMO. Know I'll never see anyone capable of taking over the role of Adam – just let him die. Miss Billy Miller badly, but read was his choice to leave.

  • Lee

    Hoope Michael Mauhney is coming back! He is an amazing actor!

  • Fabienne

    You mean higher ratings? How can it be.Doubt it very much unless the poll dates
    from before 30 January.Everybody (including my family and myself) rushed to see the last episode with MM and say farewell to such a brilliant actor.Let's see the poll
    in one month time.I have stopped watching Y&R. Without MM? Not so interesting.HE
    made the show.

  • Mrs.B

    Y&R has been my favorite show for over 20 + years. Not anymore it isn't the same not without BM & MM. My recording days are over & I plan to follow both of them wherever they go. Bye bye Y&R It's a wrap.

  • Mary Trout

    Michael Muhney, would have BEEN the next Victor Newman. He's not getting any younger and starting to become a little boring (no a lot boring) with his character. Time for new blood to take over and Michael would have been perfect.. Jill and Tristan won't be able to carry the story line to the HEIGHTS of when Adam would walk into the room. ( he was the new Victor Newman) I STOPPED WATCHING THE BOLD N THE BEAUTIFUL when they replaced Ridge with someone SHORTER then Brook. Ridge would tower ofer Brook with his height and fatherly demeaner and then something stupid like You didn't wait for me?) I stopped watching that all together.
    And Young and restless is now gone as well. Toooo many changes and other channels to watch.

  • Sunny D

    I don't believe he fondled HK's breast.

    • Jacee2

      I don't either. The so called charges came out from a rag site that makes false accusations for a living. All other sites ran with it. Just as some people who believe everything they read. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? No one has proven a thing. False rumors show up all the time and people don't react like they have against MM. I believe they planned to get rid of both BM and MM to bring in the EP's favorites. Then this rumor just happened to come out after people were outraged by the firing of MM. Very convenient wasn't it? Of course no comment was issued by the top people when asked. Then you have those that believe in MM and those who choose to believe that he must be guilty because some site came out with it. I choose to believe in MM. Regarding BM he wanted to stay, but just wanted to continue with outside projects like he had always done. They said no and brought in DT. Yet the pet SB is allowed to work just a couple of days a week. CW has another project she has to do. I wonder if they will let her do it and yet still stay on the Y&R? I don't care because the soap stinks and I only watched for MM and BM. I now watch GH and DOOL. Much better anyway.

  • Dreams


  • Lori Conner

    CBS/SONY Y&R all knew by doing it the way they did…They knew the ratings would be super high… That is why they fired him when they did…and let BM go when they did… They knew who was the most loved on the show…

  • mimi

    Quick! Someone get the respirator! Young and the Restless is going down the tubes real quick. Who can really act on that show? Not Victor (so very boring), Nikki nor Victoria; not Neil nor any of his family or his fiancée; not Tyler, Abby, Jill, Cain, the new Billy, Chloe, or Michael, Lauren, Kevin, their mom/her man, Paul, Cricket, that black-headed detective; not Sharon, Faith or Jill. Not Nick's son nor his blond-headed girlfriend. Not Jack's sisters. And, why in the world is that lady who's involved with Dylan even on the show? She's pretty, but a joke when it comes to being authentic. Whenever she has to do a scene that requires her to cry, it's pathetic. She is so not believable. Kelli and Stitch are just space fillers, but then so are most of the ones I've already named. And, what's with all the ghosts and that crazy Ean Ward character? He gives me the creeps every time I see him. Anyone I've neglected to mention is obviously not memorable.
    I'll miss MM. He really seemed to be the most talented actor on the show, and now he is gone. Glad Jack is there and his new assistant comes off genuine. Chelsea ok. Dylan is so pretty and I would like him if he could just get as good as he was on General Hospital. Alas, too many Newman spotlights shining for a new character to be evolve. Nick is ok, mostly easy on the eyes/not so great an actor, and Summer is tolerable, but boring, most of the time. If she's the reason MM left, I say ditch her, keep MM. Surley, blonde bimbos in Hollywood are a dime a dozen; MMs are rare finds. Enough of me sharing my view. Just can't believe the one great character on the show gets ditched. All I can say is thank goodness for DVRs. It turns a 60 minute soap/advertising into about a 12 minute “can barely tolerate this” stupid show. We may be witnessing the death of all the soaps because Y&R and B&B are pathetic. . .

  • McKay

    Like this trashy girl hasn't been grouped before. Look at the part she plays. ???? I would think she would be ashamed of getting a guy fired who has a family. As far as Billy??? never cared much for the actor but this one isn't an improvement…. Now if Victor would have a fall, bump his head where he wouldn't be able to communicate in any way, the show might be interesting. Can't stand this grinning ole prune

    • kathy

      I WANT ADAM AND BILLY BACK! And what are they going to do about Phylllis? The new Billy looks like he has a problem and does not fit well with VIctoria. I have loved this show but if they keep getting rid of the good people then it is time to move on.

  • Stefanie

    Without Adam , Phyllis & Billy it is pure boredom… On all levels!!! Let Eric Braden walk and take Hunter King with him

  • spendingwife

    I noticed Adams hand laying in the snow after the wreck, so here is what you do, BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Muhney was an AWESOME Adam and he was the MOST interesting part of the show!!!!!!!Somebody stopped and rescued him and he lost his memory (oh yeah, that hasn't been done before, right?ha) And this original Billy??? Ugh, sad acting if you ask me………… You better get Billy Miller back on there pronto!!!!!!!!!! He IS the better Billy BY FAR!!!!!!! And where the hell is Phyllis?? It's time she gets back in there doncha think? Anyway, I am with everyone else here, we don't like the new show now, I say we boycott it until these changes are made, oh and a new Kelly?? who cares.