Dailies | Zac Efron Makes for a Very Pretty Tween Girl on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

The recurring “Tonight Show” segment finds Efron and co-star Seth Rogen all dolled up

After years of being screamed at by hysterical tweens, Zac Efron finally dressed up like a member of his core fan base during a sketch on Tuesday's edition of the “Tonight Show.”

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Efron appeared on the program alongside his “Neighbors” co-star Seth Rogen, with whom he's been attached at the hip for the last three months while promoting the upcoming comedy. During their stop by Jimmy Fallon‘s show, the guys were coaxed into appearing in the regularly recurring cross-dressing spoof “Ew!,” which made for some weird images and even weirder sounds.

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Rogen, of course, is burly and bearded, and to see him in a colorful dress and wig is funny in a very sort of tired way. What was more interesting was how easily Efron slipped into the clothing of a 13-year-old girl — headband and all — and looked pretty natural (except, of course, for his gigantic biceps).

Fallon, once again, was nearly indecipherable in his tween accent.