Hollywood Stars Call for ‘Peace,’ ‘Respect’ ‘Tolerance’ in 2017 (Exclusive Video)

Natalie Portman wants “good surprises,” while Mahershala Ali wishes for everyone to be “more open, more tolerant”

Hollywood stars are hoping for good vibes, positive energy and more understanding in the New Year.

TheWrap caught up with Oscar contenders from films like “Jackie,” “Moonlight” and “Arrival” at the Palm Springs International Film Festival to get their wishes for 2017.

“Good surprises,” said “Jackie” star Natalie Portman. “As opposed to last year’s bad surprises.”

Amy Adams said she’s “trying not to get caught up in the negativity,” while “Moonlight” star Mahershala Ali wants “for all of us to be a little more open, more tolerant, and to really grow and work to accept people on their terms.”

Some were decidedly less optimistic about the year to come.

“[I hope] that it’s not 10 times tougher than the last year,” said “Twentieth Century Women” director Mike Mills. “I feel like we’re in for it, and it’s just begun.”

“I think if people are worried, disappointed, despairing about the election and the deep divisions in the country, I’m not sure 2017 bodes to be any better, because we’re going to have a very divisive president,” said “Manchester by the Sea” actor Casey Affleck. “But I think it might galvanize people to get involved more, do more and better work and think less about themselves and more about others.”