25 TV Superfans to Follow on Twitter

They’re hooked on everything from reality to “Sons of Anarchy” to “Glee” — and why you want to know what they say

The last time TheWrap told TV fans the best people to follow on Twitter, it was a collection of writers, producers, suits and reporters.

This time, we're going after the superfans. These are the folks — from Glendale to South Bend to Nova Scotia — who watch TV with a loving yet critical eye, who track the moves of actors from show to show, who make watching TV fun — especially in the dull days of summer.

From "Glee" to "Sons of Anarchy" to "Chuck," even Discovery's "Life" — and yes, some recently departed favorites like "Lost" — their tastes are diverse, but they all share a passion for what comes out of the box and into our homes.

Here, alphabetically, are our favorite 25, with whatever information we could glean about them — and why you want to follow them.

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Location: New York
Bio: Big fan of the industry and the programmers and media critics that help shape it and the writers and producers that make it
Why follow? A true fan, with broad interests who conducts an ongoing Twitter conversation with other TV fans.
Sample tweet: Not a big fan of procedurals, was pleasantly surprised by THE WHOLE TRUTH. More surprising, Rob Morrow oozes personality.He does a great job 

Name: Chris Becker
Location: South Bend, IN
Bio: Film and TV studies prof at U of Notre Dame
Why follow? She's a hockey fan and a "Breaking Bad" lover, and offers a somewhat academic perspective, including the history of TV.
Sample tweet: A McDonald's ad that's actually worth watching: http://bit.ly/cGbhJZ

Name: Danielle Turchiano
Location: Los Angeles
Bio: I watch enough TV to make *your* eyes bleed
Why follow? Celebrity sightings around L.A., plus TV interests ranging from soap operas to "Supernatural" to the late, lamented "Veronica Mars."
Sample tweet: A second look at 'Raising Hope' makes me think it could be the next 'Arrested Development.' I know, I'm shocked, too!

Name: DuckyDoesTv
Bio: Welcome to Prime-Time Bitch!
Why follow? Fan of various cable and reality shows, including "Next Food Network Star" and "So You Think You Can Dance," and a sucker for "Friday Night Lights."
Sample tweet: Amen for 8 days of the 80s on VH1 Classic! Why can't this be their entire programming schedule all day, every day? Totally rad!

Name: Cath
Bio: Editor of GiveMeMyRemote.com, fan of television, Kindle lover and a Twitter addict
Why follow? Another fan of "SYTYCD," as well as "Glee," "Lost" and "The Office." Very engaged with other TV fans and bloggers.
Sample tweet: No desire to watch MTV Movie Awards. The best bits will be up on YouTube.

Name: Brian, not Brain
Location: Same place as Carmen Sandiego
Bio: Smart-ass who needs to smile more.
Why follow? Another "Lost" fan, with a smart-ass attitude and strong opinions. Also interested in music.
Sample tweet: Have watched every episode of #SonsOfAnarchy. Gemma is a bad-ass without question, but Dexter is no one to scoff at either.

Name: Ilana
Location: NYC
Bio: Television Addict– that pretty much sums it up.
Why follow? A true appreciation of the emotion and involvement a television show can create. Also a big fan of the boxed set.
Sample tweet: #FridayNightLights eps are just filled with little moments that never get old no matter how many times you've seen them. #FNL

Name: Jenna
Location: New England
Bio: Professional tv watcher. Professional fan. Visit my site and you will see!! we.heart.tv!! oh. and i LOVE Party of 5.
Why follow? A fan of "Life Unexpected," "Lost" and assorted CW shows, with a teenager's enthusiasm (and vocabulary).
Sample tweet: its just a tv show. how did #Lost do this to me? am i on the Island? omg. i guess when i 'see' then i will be able to let go and move on…

Bio: The Retro Pop Culture Podcast that has interviewed the likes of Stiles from Teen Wolf, Epstein from Welcome Back, Kotter and the cast of The Great Space Coaster
Why follow? A tweeter for fans who are into classic television of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, but don't expect too many posts.
Sample tweet: TV Land Awards honoring Glee's Kevin McHale. Bummed. First thought they were honoring the b-ball player for his great work on Cheers!

Name: Mel Saroyan
Location: Glendale
Bio: Major hidden talents include: Cuban cigar rolling and Hubble Telescope repair tech
Why follow? Scheduling news, "save our show" alerts and guest-star schedules.
Sample tweet: #CHUCK AND #HUMANTARGET????? I must be my lucky season! Love both shows.

Name: Myles A. McNutt
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Bio: Volunteer Television Critic @ Cultural Learnings and Graduate Student at Acadia University
Why follow? A different perspective on North American television, from north of the border.
Sample tweet: Catching up on Dan for Mayor ahead of tonight's return: consider this my "Canadian Show I wish you Americans were able to watch."

Name: Amrie Cunningham
Location: Lansdale, PA
Bio: I like white wine, sad songs, a good danish, @sculptadorescrew, dancing, singing, and love!
Why follow? Blogger shares news of returning series dates, as well as running giveaways and soliciting questions for her Q&As with TV talent. Pretty plugged in for being in Pennsylvania (aka flyover country)!
Sample tweet: I'm almost offended that they used the TRUE BLOOD theme song over the Twilight kiss clip.

Name: Noel Kirkpatrick
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Bio: Grad student at GA State Uni crazy for the media
Why follow? A fan whose interests range from "Doctor Who" to Food Network shows, with stops in between for random iPhone tweets.
Sample tweet: After last night's Food Network Star, not sure if I can inflict Last Comic Standing on myself. Why am I committing TV flagellation?

Name: Rae
Location: Orlando, Florida
Bio: tech writer, online developer, blogger, tv whore, book lover, cake maker, and probably more
Why follow? Watches both "Ace of Cakes" and "Cake Boss," as well as Discovery's "Life," CBS' Monday comedies and, of course, "Glee" and "Lost."
Sample tweet: Things I've learned in artciles about Lost, 24, and Law & Order: Every series is the "most influential TV drama of all time" when it ends.

Name: Kristin Bedgood
Location: Shreveport, LA
Bio: Scifi geek with a love for music, and a dream of one day being an actress. Loves Supernatural and Psych!
Why follow? A fan of USA's scripted shows who engages with the creators on Twitter, and also tweets some of the best lines as she watches.
Sample tweet: For the longest time, I thought it would be cool to be a Borg. No, not really, just on the show. Also would have liked to be a Klingon

Name: Deanna Barnert
Location: Los Angeles
Bio: Entertainment Journalist / Soapfan! check out my portfolio: http://home.roadrunner.com/~deannabarnert/
Why follow? A very plugged-in blogger about soap operas.
Sample tweet: Jeff Branson hits “Y&R” June 22 as Chance’s new partner and word is, the llaw boyz won't be best pals!

Name: Small Screen Scoop
Location: TV Land aka the BEST land.
Bio: A TV Blog for those who can't help but obsess about it. Tweets by @ThisJessicaRae
Why follow? Links to TV-related news and advance reviews of upcoming shows; fan of "Party Down" and "Glee," among others.
Sample tweet: Tim Kring is bringing back Heroes if he can http://bit.ly/dvCZmM

Name: Elizabeth Randall
Location: Los Angeles
Why follow? Links to interesting TV-related pieces and thoughts about shows including ABC's now-defunct "FlashForward," "The Big Bang Theory" and "True Blood."
Sample tweet: On a nature documentary kick lately. (Thanx Netflix!) All boils down to bugs&sex. So. Not unlike the rest of TV then.

Name: TV Blog
Location: Las Vegas
Bio: TV, Reality TV http://puredwts.com http://puresytycd.com http://puretvnet.com http://pureamericasgottalent.com
Why follow? All about reality TV — the fans, the contestants, the contests, the shows.
Sample tweet: The best part of the SYTYCD Premiere was that they showed lots of good dancers and the bad dancers were fun.

Name: TVDoneWright (Adam)
Location: Canada
Bio: TVDoneWright is your source for everything TV. News, Reviews, Updates, and More!
Why follow? A smart, passionate take on TV from another Canadian viewpoint.
Sample tweet: The answer to this whole BP Oil Spill problem is pretty obvious I think. Have Jack Bauer defy President's orders and blow up everything!

Name: TV in a Flash
Bio: TV tweets from TV in a Flash host Julie Alexandria and writer Amanda Elend
Why follow? The opposite of a "Glee" fan, but definitely high on "30 Rock," and a good source of information on DVD boxed-set sales.
Sample tweet: I just can't…I don't… is there some sort of Glee logic to storytelling that I'm missing? The lack of cohesive plot is stunning. BLERG.

Location: Alaska
Bio: tvmadman.com is where it is at.
Why follow? A devoted fan, and one who gets a sneak peek at pilots, although doesn't post on them in detail. Also offers casting news and opinions.
Sample tweet: Been watching episodes of Studio 60 on Hulu. I think I am in the minority on this one, but I really loved this show. A lot.

Name: tv observatory
Location: Couch
Bio: Watching the s–t out of TV so the terrorists don't win…wait that's not right. Can we start over?
Why follow? It's like being inside someone's head — someone profane, with a short attention span. And isn't that what Twitter's all about?
Sample tweet: Um, Real World…New Orleans? Didn't you already go there. Guess you didn't get my notes about other cities you should film in, MTV?

Name: tvupdate
Location: Every internet backbone
Bio: News on your favorite TV shows twittered as it happens
Why follow? A straightforward stream of TV news headlines, with plenty of information for the TV fan.
Sample tweet: Alanis Morissette Marries Rapper: Let's hope there was no rain on her wedding day.Alanis Morissette has married he… http://bit.ly/cXp5pf

Name: Tiffany Vogt
Location: Los Angeles
Bio: Tiffany Vogt writes as a columnist for Airlock Alpha and a guest columnist for NiceGirls TV. She also writes for Rabid Doll, Inside Blip and SciFiTVZone.
Why follow? Plenty of news links, with a strong sci-fi bent and a fondness for "Doctor Who."
Sample tweet: New on TV tonight is a new episode of #Justified. If you haven't discovered this gem of a show definitely check it out. It's a stellar drama