5 Craziest Moments From New ‘Empire': Lucious Gets Naked, Cookie Snitches (Photos)

The hip-hop drama turns up the madness yet again

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you have not watched Wednesday’s episode of “Empire”)

Things just keep getting crazier on “Empire.”

In this week’s episode, prosecutor Ford turned up the heat on Lucious, but the gangster rapper turned media mogul is ready and willing to fight back.

The Lyon family also reunited for a music video shoot, but things quickly went south when old rivalries bubbled to the surface. And then there’s the matter of the corpse in the car…

Check out five of the craziest moments from this week’s “Empire” below.

Say Hello to Little Lucious



Rather than let an FBI raid courtesy of prosecutor Roxanne Ford (Tyra Ferrell) shake him, Lucious told Ford she could look wherever she liked–literally. In a previous scene, Lucious is seen in bed wearing pajamas, meaning he purposely stripped down to prove a point to the feisty prosecutor.

Hakeem Stabs Jamal

Chuck Hodes/Fox

That’s right, Hakeem stabs Jamal — at least a painting of Jamal. World famous artist Chase One (guest star Adam Busch) created a painting of Jamal to be used for Jamal’s Rolling Stone cover story. Hakeem isn’t exactly feeling the love for his older brother these days, so he sinks a knife into the painting in the middle of their music video shoot.

Cookie Snitches — Kind Of



Roxanne Ford has been turning up the pressure on the Lyon family to get to Lucious. This week, she set her sights on Cookie. After a few flashbacks of Cookie having a break down in prison, the thought of going back on account of Lucious doesn’t sit right with the Lyon matriarch. So she decides to tell Ford that Bunkie died amid a fight between him and Lucious over the Apex Radio deal — the deal Lucious initiated just this season to keep Hakeem off the air.

Andre Becomes Friends With God



Andre struggled with bipolar disorder during season one, countering the mental illness with religion. But things got a little scary this week when he began telling his wife Rhonda that God has been speaking directly to him and telling him to return to Empire. Andre will do anything to get back into his father’s good graces, including digging up Vernon’s dead body.

Corpse in the Car


Say what you will about Lucious Lyon, the man knows how to make a point. After Andre and Rhonda dug up Vernon’s dead body, Lucious had it delivered to the passenger seat of Ford’s car. Ford had previously bluffed Lucious by telling him she had Vernon hidden away in order to testify, but now Ford is going to have to change tactics quickly. Will that be a good thing, or a bad thing, for the Lyon family?