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5 Chilean Mine-Rescue Projects Hollyw’d Needs to Make

From ”Glee: Underground“ to an ”Armageddon“ redux, there are LOTS of ways to cash in on the inspirational true story

Hollywood's already cashing in on the Chilean miner crisis, with a mining-themed reality-TV project and two topical specials announced — less than 24 hours after the rescue.

Now it's time to really get pre-production cranking.

Indeed, t’s all too rare that real-life tragedies get the happy ending they deserve. No wonder Hollywood quickly came calling.

Not that anyone asked, but TheWrap has come up with some helpful suggestions for sure-fire ways to cash-in on the inspirational true story and some potential follow-up projects for the mining team.

Here goes …

“Glee”: Do You Know the Way to … the San Jose Mine?

Forget William McKinley High School. The best glee club going performs underground with a chorus line of Chilean miners choreographing South America's most influential pop tunes.

You’ve got all the characters you need — the good guy, the ex-military toughie, the wild young buck, and the two-timer who is more interested in his mistress than his wife. Who needs a Britney Spears-themed episode, when you can get special guest appearance by Enrique Iglesias.

Hello, Fox, you can thank us for this next water-cooler hit later.


"Survivor: Copiapo Mines"

After their grueling 69-day stint underground, "Survivor: Samoa" will look as challenging as a week spent in the Plaza's presidential suite. 

Instead of lame immunity challenges involving relay races and Doritos product placements, the miners could compete to see who can last longest without potable water or access to daylight. Plus, getting kicked off would be more of a blessing than a curse.

A Long-Awaited “Armageddon” Remake

Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck only had a dozen blue-collar deep-sea drillers to stop the asteroid that threatened to destroy the world. But 33 crises-tested Chilean minerS could take out the killer space rock before lunch. Maybe Aerosmith will do the soundtrack again.

"Snakes in a Mine Shaft"

Claustrophobic dark space? Check. Plucky group of sympathetic heroes? Check.

Guaranteed to give you shivers? Hell, you've  got the setting, and with some really scary serpents thrown in, you've really got something to justify those 3D up-charges. 

Inspirational Awards Bait

Imagine the trailer, with those five glorious words that set Oscar voters' hearts racing: “inspired by a true story.”

Plus it’s got a five-hankie ending that will leave moviegoers on their feet.

Throw Ron Howard behind the camera, get Randall Wallace to script, and line up some awards favorites like real-life couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem to star, then start engraving those golden guys.