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7 Nastiest Moments from ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Reunion: Richards Sisters Feud, Alcoholism Accusations (Video)

The season was dominated by sibling rivalries, speculation of falling off the wagon and dodging flying drinks — and all of the drama was dragged up on Bravo’s reunion show

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” took bitchy catfights and sibling rivalry to a whole new level this season and although Season 5 came to a close last week, the drama is far from over.

Tuesday night’s reunion show brought out the nastiest highlights from the season that included drinking-throwing, sparring sisters, speculation of one Housewife falling off the wagon, and a very action-packed trip to Amsterdam.

While it started off all sweetness and light, the claws quickly came out and the episode spiraled into a full on screaming match between all the women.

“You are a horrible person and you are a liar!” Brandi Glanville told Kyle Richards, as they all spoke angrily over each other, before she got so insultive that it was bleeped out.

See some of the nastiest moments below.

Kim Richards blames “the girls” for her not talking to Kyle in three months

“They instigated it and made things worse for us,” Kim claimed when asked why she and Kyle have been estranged since their blowout in Palm Springs. While admitting they needed to work on stuff, she then dropped the bombshell that she is “really OK with the way things are … I am very happy today in my life.” Speechless and fighting back tears, Kyle said “if and when we do speak, I am only interested in having honest conversations.”

Lisa Vanderpump “felt violated” by Brandi Glanville slapping her

The English socialite didn’t see the funny side of getting slapped across the face by Glanville, even if it was meant in drunken jest. “It wasn’t like I was hit by Mike Tyson,” Vanderpump said. “I felt violated.” When Glanville tried to defend herself and claim they were joking, her co-star was having none of it. “I don’t want to hit you back … we weren’t joking around.”

Brandi tells Andy Cohen “f–k you!”

Glanville has no doubt been called a lot of things in her life but she didn’t take kindly to being compared to a dog by Cohen. “It’s like when you’re playing with your dog and he bites back,” he said, which got the shocked response of “f–k you!” from Brandi. “That’s bullshit, you don’t say that — I’ve taken enough abuse since I got here, I don’t take it from you too,” she told him when Cohen tried to back away from his comment, claiming: “I actually was defending you.” We’d hate to see it when he really tries to insult her.

Kim claims she has more pride than Lisa Rinna

Mocking her colleague for making seven figures as a spokesperson for Depends adult diapers, Kim said she was more discerning than Rinna. “I have a little more pride than you do,” she said. “I think you go further than I do.” However, Cohen quickly pointed out that Kim starred in the reality debacle “Diving With the Stars,” forcing her to admit, “That was bad.”

Eileen Davidson says Brandi can’t handle her alcohol

While Brandi denied being a mean drunk — and even offered Cohen a lap dance “if he’s nice!” — Eileen Davidson told her she couldn’t handle her alcohol and “crossed over into being very aggressive, bitchy, not nice … or you’re very slurry and this whole baby face happens.”

When the other women weighed in on the action, Glanville then turned to Kyle and accused her of smoking pot — which Richards denied. “I don’t walk around naked with a tampon string hanging out,” she fired back.

Yolanda Foster gets blasted for “trying to fix Brandi”

From concerns over her 17-year-old daughter Bella’s DUI arrest to asking if she was an alcoholic, Foster has frequently dug into Glanville’s life and was accused of stepping over the line. When asked why she was always trying to fix her she said: “It’s not my job, it’s what I feel in my heart … I don’t think we need to point out anymore how dysfunctional her mouth can be.”

Brandi says “Celebrity Apprentice” rival Kenya Moore is “evil”

When asked if there is any love lost between her and Kenya Moore, Glanville called the “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” rival: “Very, very smart, a little bit crazy and evil.”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion continues on Tuesday, April 7 on Bravo at 9 p.m.

Watch the video here.

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