7 Oscar Campaign Managers You Should Know

Notable Oscar campaign managers, from mainstream publicity companies to an array of folks who specialize in foreign films, documentaries and below-the-line talent

Notable Oscar campaigners include more mainstream publicity companies like 42West, ID-PR and Ginsberg/Libby, and an array of folks who specialize in foreign films, documentaries and below-the-line talent. Here are some important names to remember:

Tony Angellotti
The Angellotti Company 
A 10-year vet of the Miramax wars (though was he never on the Weinstein staff), Angellotti now handles awards for Disney and Pixar’s animated films and Universal’s live-action ones; this year, that gives him "Les Miserables," "Brave, Frankenweenie" and "This Is 40," among others.

Melody Korenbrot
Block-Korenbrot Public Relations
Korenbrot is a powerhouse in the foreign-language and documentary categories, thanks to BK-PR’s longstanding relationship with Sony Pictures Classics ("Amour," "Rust and Bone," "Searching for Sugar Man," "West of Memphis"). 

Karen Fried
Karen Fried & Associates
A former Angellotti Company publicist who went on to work with Lionsgate, Fried serves as the awards publicist for Focus Features, with a 2012 crop that includes "Anna Karenina," "ParaNorman," "Hyde Park on Hudson" and "Promised Land."

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Michele Robertson
With a track record that includes "The Full Monty," "Brokeback Mountain" and "Million Dollar Baby," Robertson handles Oscar campaigns for Warner Bros., which this year means "Argo," "The Hobbit," "The Dark Knight" and "Cloud Atlas," among other high-profile and big-budget contenders.

Jeff Sanderson
Chasen & Company
Taking over from his longtime boss, the late Ronni Chasen, Sanderson has carved out a strong niche representing composers (Mychael Danna), songwriters (Diane Warren) and writers (Ronald Harwood), among others. 

Cynthia Swartz
After working countless Oscar campaigns during six years at 42West (and before that 13 years at Miramax), Swartz left that company a year ago to found Strategy. Scott Rudin remains a client, anchoring a roster that this season includes "On the Road," "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Flight."

Murray Weissman
Weissman/Markovitz Communications
A 30-year vet of public relations, Weissman spent 15 Oscar campaigns (and 11 Best Picture nominations) working with Miramax. His company currently works on Paramount’s Oscar campaigns.