Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence Fell on the Red Carpet… Again (Video)

Last year’s winner and 2013’s favorite Twitter meme is back at it

Jennifer Lawrence doubled down on falling on her face at the one place you’re not supposed eat turf.

Of course, it only makes her even more charming and relatable, because that’s the magic of Jennifer Lawrence.

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Last year, she tripped over her long gown as she ascended the stairs to accept her Best Actress statue for “Silver Linings Playbook.” This year, Lawrence didn’t wait all those hours to quirk it up, as she fell over right as she began walking on the red carpet.

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As always, she picked herself right up and laughed it off, ensuring that she’ll have a highlight tonight, even if she doesn’t win Best Supporting Actress for “American Hustle.”

Of course, none of this would be at all charming if she wasn’t a great actress, which is really the bottom line.