‘A Star is Born’ to Return to Theaters With New Music and Extended Songs (Video)

Watch a clip of a new song “Clover” not heard previously on soundtrack album

Following its Oscar-winning turn for Lady Gaga’s Best Original Song “Shallow,” the Bradley Cooper-directed film “A Star is Born” is returning to theaters for one week starting on March 1.

But the new “encore” version that Warner Bros. is releasing will feature 12 additional minutes of footage, including extended takes of songs and one entirely new song not previously heard in the film or on the soundtrack album.

The encore version of “A Star is Born” now kicks off with the full performance of “Black Eyes,” the rock/country jam as performed by Bradley Cooper and written by Lukas Nelson that opens the film. It also has the full version of another Cooper and Nelson collaboration, “Alibi,” which is performed just before Gaga’s Ally first takes the stage with Cooper.

As for Gaga, we get to hear an a cappella version of “Shallow” and never before seen footage of Ally singing to Jack “Is That Alright” during the film’s wedding sequence. And there’s a scene of Jack singing “Too Far Gone” in his studio.

Finally, “Clover” is a new track not heard in the film or on the soundtrack, and it’s performed by both Gaga and Cooper together. Above, you can watch a clip of the song from the film, which shows a touching, sun-drenched moment of Jack and Ally writing the song together.

Gaga and Cooper have frequently noted that all of the music you see in the film was performed and recorded live in order to give the movie an authentic feel, so it’s exciting to get to actually see the full spoils of those performances in the context of the film.

The musical movie remake was nominated for eight Academy Awards on Sunday, including Best Original Song, which Gaga won with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt.

“A Star is Born” reopens in theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada on March 1. Watch the clip “Clover” from above.