‘Revenge’ Winter Finale: Who Shot Emily Grayson?

Emily’s plans went seriously awry on the ABC drama and we may have a show reboot when it returns

ABC’s “Revenge” finally had its wedding (so, yes, she’s Emily GRAYSON now), deals were made, last-minute curveballs were thrown and Team Emily was foiled on Sunday’s winter finale.

(Spoiler alert: Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happened on Sunday’s episode, “Exodus.”)

Emily (Emily VanCamp), Aiden (Barry Sloan) and Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) plan was to frame Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) for shooting her new daughter-in-law on the honeymoon cruise. But, things didn’t go their way.

With Victoria dead-set on avoiding the wedding festivities, Emily enlisted Conrad’s (Henry Czerny) help. He then promised Victoria that he would totally accept Patrick (Justin Hartley) if she agreed to attend the wedding events. With Patrick’s urging and her
son by her side, she agreed.

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But while Emily was able to assure Victoria’s presence, she didn’t count on some unexpected guests. Patrick would make it very hard to get Victoria alone on the boat. That was an important part of the plan, since they couldn’t have anyone corroborate Victoria’s alibi during the shooting. So, Nolan lured Patrick from the party — first by revealing he knew of the murder attempt on Conrad, and then with some romantic gestures.

That should have done it. But, Emily didn’t count on Conrad and Lydia (Amber Valletta) reconciling. Earlier, the women made an agreement. Lydia would stay away from the wedding in exchange for getting her house back from Emily. But, Conrad had a change of heart and Lydia wouldn’t need Emily’s house when she had Conrad money as her shelter.

That would be the undoing of Emily’s plan. When it came time to lock Victoria away while Emily faked her own murder, Lydia followed Victoria to her room and gave her the photo that showed Emily passing as a waitress at her party years before. It proves that Emily had been hunting the Graysons for years.

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So as Emily stood on the deck of that boat ready to shoot two bullets into the air and disappear into the water below, Victoria appeared and presented the photographic evidence of Emily’s deception. Aiden stepped in and swept Victoria away and again that should have taken care of things…

But, no. Daniel had heard every word. Drunk, angry, and just having heard that his ex, Sara (Annabelle Stephenson), had just tried to kill herself, he saw the gun meant to frame his mother and shot Emily twice. This is where the scene of her falling over the side of the boat that has teased us all season finally meets with the present.

Waiting back at the beach is Jack (Nick Wechsler), who is joined by Aiden, but no Emily. Just a bloodstained wedding dress washes up on the sand…

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Quite the season finale, but ruined just minutes later when ABC shares a preview for the series’ return. Sure, deep down we knew that they couldn’t really kill the show’s main character. But, what we learn is that she’s found, brought to a hospital and awakens without any memory of her shooting.

So when “Revenge” returns, it would seem we could have an entirely new show on our hands. Victoria and Daniel know the truth about Emily. But, does she really have amnesia or is this just her latest plan to buy herself more time for revenge?