‘View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg to Vaccine Opponents: ‘If I Get Measles, I’m Coming to Your House’ (Video)

The ABC daytime talk-show co-host lashes out on parents who refuse to vaccinate their children

ABC’s “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg didn’t bite her tongue when talking about parents who don’t vaccinate their children Friday.

“Save your emails and your tweets, because I don’t care. I get that ya’ll feel it’s scary for you,” she advised. “Because I tell you, if I get measles from your kid because I haven’t had them, I’m coming to your house.”

The panel — fellow co-host Rosie O’Donnell, guests Mario Cantone and “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi — were discussing mother Jennifer Simon from Oakland. Her infant daugher, Livia, was forced into a 28-day quarantine after visiting a doctor’s office. The office had seen a child with measles the same day, related to the recent Disneyland outbreak, CNN reported.

“The fact that you [all] are proudly saying,  ‘I’m not vaccinating my kid,’ find yourself an area with other people who feel like you. And then, you wont’ have to worry about it,” Goldberg said.

Lakshmi, whose daughter is vaccinated, suggested another alternative.

“If you dont vaccinate your kids, then you should be required to have your kids wear a little bracelet that says, ‘Hey I’m not vaccinated. If you’re scared of measles, don’t play with me.’”

The audience stayed silent as O’Donnell took issue with the idea.

“Yeah, I don’t now,” O’Donnell cautioned. “Well, there’s a stigma about that. They tried to do that to people who were HIV positive and isolate them from other people. It’s hard.”

Fellow hosts Nicolle Wallace was out sick while Rosie Perez continues her Broadway performance in Larry David‘s “Fish in the Dark.”