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Adult Industry Has Some New Ideas

New in Porn -- heard of 'haptic technology'? It's graphic, and expensive


If the desperation at the XBIZ Conference this week is any indication, the adult industry is now in a frantic struggle to adapt to the digital era and find a profitable business model that will work on the web.


That is leading to all kinds of innovation. A device called RealTouch relies on ‘haptic’ technology to allow viewers to literally ‘feel’ what is going on on-screen.
Here’s how it works: the user plugs an egg-shaped device into a computer, inserts his penis, and then can simulates the sex acts occurring in a porno film, aided by heat or lubricants.

It’s $149.95 for the device, but the real hit is a $1 per-minute charge top watch the site. As one conference visitor put it: “its biggest competition is every guy’s right hand.”


At the end of the conference on Wednesday evening, one new idea was attracting notice: a gyrating, woman on an iPhone who stripped progressively.



Chas Rossman, the founder and CEO of tech company Variah, was demonstrating how to use his new “nasty application” program ‘Ufook.me’ on his touch screen phone. For $9.95, the company will show users how to “jailbreak” their iPhones – allowing them to purchase the illicit game, which is not available on the traditional iTunes app store.


Once they’ve downloaded the game, users can undress a moving figure in real time, scoring points based on foreplay technique and quality of climax. Rossman was “Ufooking” a model named Tanya, while furiously rubbing the cell phone’s clear glass screen.


“I hope this will be able to take some traffic away from pay sites,” Rossman said. “People really want that interactivity.”


Maybe the “nasty app” will do that. But it hardly seems likely to be an industry-saving innovation.