After NPR Firing, Juan Williams Goes on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Mum on Muslims

Analyst discusses Tea Party; Brett Favre’s wife Deanna also appears on show, dodges allegations about husband

This morning’s “Fox and Friends” was notable for what wasn’t said.

Juan Williams, the longtime NPR analyst whose contract was terminated on Wednesday over comments he made about Muslims on Fox News earlier in the week, was back on the cable network on Thursday.

But Williams — who told Bill O’Reilly on Monday that he gets “nervous” on planes when he sees people who are in “Muslim garb” — did not address those comments or his firing.

Instead, Williams appeared on the Fox News morning show to discuss the Tea Party.

He has yet to comment publicly. According to NPR, Williams “said he wasn't ready to comment and was conferring with his wife about the episode.”

Whoopi Goldberg, whose dust-up with O'Reilly on "The View" last week was the reason Williams was talking about Muslims on "The Factor" in the first place, said on her show Thursday that Williams did not deserve to be fired.

Meanwhile, Brett Favre’s wife Deanna Favre also appeared on "Fox and Friends" Thursday, but dodged questions about the controversy surrounding her husband’s alleged texting of explicit photos to a sideline reporter when he was a quarterback for the New York Jets. Instead, she used it as an opportunity to plug her new book on faith.

“Well, I won't go into anything personal, but faith really is my crutch,” she said when asked about the allegations. “It's always been my crutch.  It gets me through.  It got me through many struggles, as you can read in ‘The Cure for the Chronic Life,’ and that’s the reason Shane and I wrote this book.”