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‘AHS’s’ Kathy Bates on Hollywood Ageism, Sexism: Women Who Only Traded on Beauty Can’t Get Hired (Video)

”It’s really tough for women in Hollywood, and the ageism– it’s not nice,“ FX star tells Larry King

Oscar winner and “American Horror Story” star Kathy Bates laments the ageism and sexism in Hollywood in a “Larry King Now” interview that aired on Wednesday.

Bates said it’s hard for women in the entertainment industry, especially for “women who traded on their beauty years ago and now can’t get hired. The shoe is on the other foot for me, because I was always a character actress, so this is my time.”

When King noted a dearth of female directors in the industry, Bates agreed: “There are few women directors. It’s really tough for women in Hollywood, and the ageism — it’s not nice.”

Bates remained tight-lipped about Lady Gaga joining the cast of the upcoming season’s “American Horror Story: Hotel,” only telling King, “I’m very curious, but you know she seems to be — from what I’ve seen from her early stuff especially — very much of an actress and a performer.”

Watch Bates’ interview with Larry King here.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” premieres on FX in October.