Al Sharpton’s Group Calls for Oscars Boycott, Blasts ‘Racist, Sexist’ Hollywood

Los Angeles chapter of the National Action Network calls for “TV Tune Out” of broadcast

Oscar statuettes

Al Sharpton’s Civil Rights group is calling for a boycott of this year’s Oscars ceremony over the lack of any actors of color in the four main acting categories.

The Los Angeles chapter of Sharpton’s National Action Network noted that it is the second year in a row that no people of color have been nominated.

“The lack of African Americans and women excluded from the major categories of Oscar nominees is appalling,” the chapter’s political director, Najee Ali said in a statement. “Cheryl Boone Issacs, the African-American president of the academy, is nothing but a pawn, and the black face of Hollywood’s system and culture that is racist, sexist and lacks true diversity.”

The group said said in a statement that the only things Hollywood understands are “dollars and ratings.” It said it would hold a national “TV Tune Out” of the Feb. 28 ceremony.

“This will send the message that diversity in the film industry must be more than a hollow promise,” the statement said.