Alec Baldwin’s Wife Has ‘Stopped Taking Things So Seriously’

“30 Rock” star’s wife tells CBS she became “much happier” after learning to lighten up; hopefully a certain someone’s listening

Hopefully Alec Baldwin is taking a cue from his wife’s attitude.

The “30 Rock” actor, who’s developed a reputation as a bit of a hot-head in recent years, appears with his yoga-instructor wife Hilaria on “CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood” this weekend, telling interviewer Rita Braver that her outlook on life improved immensely once she learned to lighten up a little.

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“I just stopped taking things so seriously, which was really the key to being much happier,” Hilaria tells Braver in the interview.

During the sitdown, Alec reveals that his primary interest in yoga, at least initially, was his then-bride-to-be.

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“When I came to her class the first time and watched her teach a class,” the actor says, “all I wanted to do was like pour … a glass of scotch and light a cigarette and just say…this is never happening. This is never gonna happen.”

As for whether yoga has subsequently given him the same peace of mind that his wife enjoys, the actor — whose run-ins with photographers have become the stuff of legend, or at least numerous headlines — admits that it has. Sometimes.

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“Only when the paparazzi aren’t involved,” the actor cracks.

The episode airs Sunday at 9 a.m. ET. Until then, everybody just breathe deep and maybe work on your downward dog pose a little.