Alec Baldwin Lands Another TV Hosting Gig (for a Day)

Short-lived MSNBC personality Baldwin will interview “Private Screenings” host Robert Osborne on TCM

Alec Baldwin
Getty Images

Weep not for Alec Baldwin; his MSNBC show “Up Late With Alec Baldwin” might be a thing of the past, but he’ll be back on the small screen soon. However briefly.

Taking a chance that Baldwin won’t hurl any homophobic slurs between now and Jan. 6, TCM has booked the former “30 Rock” star to guest host “Private Screenings” on that night.

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Baldwin will interview Osborne as the latter switches seats to become the interviewee, as part of the network’s 20th anniversary celebration.

“Ever since TCM launched, Robert Osborne has been the face of the network and its passionate, driving force,” TCM’s senior vice president of programming Charlie Tabesh said of the switcheroo. “‘Private Screenings: Robert Osborne’ is a perfect chance for viewers to get to know Robert and learn the story behind his fascinating career. As TCM celebrates its 20th anniversary, we are proud to take this opportunity to honor the man who has done so much to bring classic films to life for generations of movie lovers.”

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Baldwin and MSNBC parted ways last month, after Baldwin was caught hurling a slur at a photographer. While TMZ, which  published the altercation, initially reported that Baldwin called the shutterbug a “cocksucking fag,” Baldwin later claimed that he had uttered the word “fathead.” In a subsequent tweet, Baldwin conceded, after being consulted by GLAAD vice president of communications Rich Ferraro, that “cocksucker” is in fact a slur, and apologized for using the word.

“Up Late” was then put on a two-week time-out, from which it didn’t return.