Alec Baldwin for NYC Mayor?

Could the “30 Rock” star run in 2013? Spokesman says he “wouldn’t rule it out”

Rep. Anthony Weiner's loss could be Alec Baldwin's gain.

The "30 Rock" star could run for New York City mayor now that the Democratic presumed frontrunner, Rep. Anthony Weiner, is tarnished by an online sex scandal. Baldwin's spokesman, Matthew Hiltzik, told The Wall Street Journal, "I wouldn't rule it out," when asked about the possibility.

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Baldwin tweeted Wednesday: "It's a long way till November of 2013."

Baldwin's contract with "30 Rock" ends after the coming season, and Baldwin has made clear his plans to leave the show.

He has often talked about entering politics, and discussed a possible run for Congress with Playboy two years ago. He said at the time that someone else might need to slip up to create the right opening for him — which may be exactly the case with Weiner.

"Unfortunaately, an opportunity for me may mean bad things for someone else," he said. "I don't wish that."

The Journal reported that the actor has an apartment in New York City but considers the Hamptons his primary residence — a living arrangement he could easily change. And though the New York Daily News reported earlier this year that city officials were investigating whether he had improperly avoided paying city taxes, his spokesman told the Journal the issue was resolved and he didn't owe anything.