‘Alex Cross’ Trailer: Watch Tyler Perry on Matthew Fox’s Trail (Video)

Matthew Fox gets buff and terrorized Tyler Perry in the upcoming crime thriller "Alex Cross"

Last Updated: August 27, 2012 @ 7:45 PM

Matthew Fox is in big trouble — and it's not for his alleged shenanigans aboard a Cleveland party bus.

Fox plays a cold-blooded killer Picasso in the upcoming crime thriller "Alex Cross," based on the James Patterson novel "Cross." In the film, Picasso crosses paths with detective/psychologist Alex Cross (played by Tyler Perry), who doesn't take too kindly to Picasso's threats against his family, leading to a manhunt of cinematic proportions.

As evidenced by the trailer, Fox clearly did a lot of working out to prepare for the part of Picasso (catch phrase: "Inflicting pain is a crucial part of my true calling"). But will his dramatic chops prove to be as muscular? We'll all know for sure when the Summit film hits theaters on Oct. 19. Until then, watch the trailer and draw your own conclusions.