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Alex Jones Melts Down Over Drag Queens Reading Books to Children (Video)

“They show up and they have their way with your children in demon outfits” Jones rages

InfoWars chief and noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones spent some time on Tuesday on his radio show floating his latest idea: that drag queens were being used as a liberal trojan horse to sexualize American children.

Jones cited evidence — specifically a May, 2017 New York Times article about drag queens reading to children — to suggest the proof of his arguments.

“They show up and they have their way with your children in demon outfits” Jones raged.  “If you’ve got men that look like 400 pound goblin demons with your children, there’s nothing you won’t put up with.”

Jones continued, suggesting that the drag queens reminded him of aliens from another planet.

“Imagine if somebody in a demon outfit showed up next to a baby giraffe and said, ‘Hi, I’m a demon be inclusive don’t be mean to me. Let me wear demon horns and come up and look like a complete alien from another planet. Let a space alien — and by the way this is a program– they dress up like space aliens all over the United States and all over the world in horrible demon psychopath outfits that make pennywise look beautiful.”

The segment became increasingly unhinged finally ending with Jones appearing to throw a chair at his camera crew.

Jones has long been a divisive figure in the U.S. media landscape. While his influence has grown in the Trump era, he has been the source of backlash after suggesting the massacre of schoolchildren in Sandy Hook was staged. A lot of people also voiced descending views when he discussed the possibility of child slave colonies on Mars.

TheWrap reached out to Jones who was not immediately available for comment.