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Alexander Ljung at TheGrill: The Many Diverse Ways to Sound Off on the Web (Video)

From 50 Cent uploading his latest track to a parent recording his child's first words, new audio-sharing platform has plenty of uses

Alexander Ljung, the co-founder of innovative audio-sharing platform SoundCloud, took part in TheGrill on Tuesday and explained the multitude of uses for his service.

Distinguishing SoundCloud from music-centric web offerings, Ljung rattled off just a few of the ways that people can sound off with his brainchild.

''As much as YouTube is for video, we are for sound," Ljung offered. "So that could be some of our users like 50 Cent or Madonna or Foo Fighters putting up new music that they've made and that they want to share across the web, or it could be somebody recording their baby's first words with one of our mobile applications. I do these little voice updates — little diary notes of what's happening in my life and what I'm thinking about."

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