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‘All About Sex’ Co-Host Margaret Cho: ‘I Want Everyone to Have Orgasms’

The comedian speaks to TheWrap about her new TLC sex talk show and weighs in on late-night, Kathy Griffin and E!’s ”Fashion Police“

Margaret Cho has found a new platform in which to spread her knowledge of sex. The comedian and actress is the co-host of TLC’s new late-night talk show, “All About Sex,” which premieres Saturday at 11 p.m.

“For me, this show is kind of like a sexy ‘The View,’ or ‘The Screw’ or it’s ‘Ho-Prah.’ That’s what I like to call it,” Cho told TheWrap.

The series, which will also feature “Chelsea Lately” favorite Heather McDonald and “Hairspray” actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, will “take on the latest headlines, break down the ‘behind closed doors’ conversations about sex and love, and connect with women via social media to answer questions and dispel misconceptions,” according to the cable channel.

“I think it will help open up the conversation to different aspects and different kinds of sexuality, different kinds of learning,” Cho said. “We can figure things out that we’re all feeling. My goal is to help women connect with their own sexuality. I want everyone to have orgasms. I want to help people find that. I feel like I’m the doula for orgasms. I think I know and I want to share my knowledge there.”

TheWrap spoke with Cho earlier this week about the new series, her co-hosts, women in late-night and whether she would’ve taken the open gig on E!’s “Fashion Police.”

TheWrap: Has TLC set any boundaries on the show and what or how you talk about sex?
Margaret Cho: There have been no boundaries set so far. I feel because we’re late-night and because we’re dealing with the human experience and sexuality that it’s really boundless.

How would you describe how you and your co-hosts approach sex?
There are different ways in which we all approach sexuality. Heather is very, very committed to her family. She didn’t start having sex until she was 27. So, it’s a very, very different experience from myself, who’s very much the opposite. I was a sex worker. I was on the board of Good Vibrations, which was a sex toy company, for many years. I’m an expert on polyamory, alternate sexualities. She’s sort of a young, very, very innocent creature. Dr. Tiffany is our doctor and our expert on really everything, which legitimizes the whole thing. It’s a really diverse group, but I think we represent women that want to watch the show and want to learn. I feel excited, because I can actually share my experience, which is very vast and broad.

Which “Sex and the City” character would you and your co-hosts be?
I would definitely be the Samantha, because I’m sort of the weirdo and I’ve done all the really strange and slutty things. I think we have a couple of Charlottes. I don’t know if we have a Miranda. I don’t think we have a Carrie.

What audience are you reaching at 11 p.m.?
It’s sort of the party crowd. It’s a chance for people to sort of kick back with their friends and have a drink and sort of get real about stuff, which I think is a good thing. It’s something that’s needed. I always appreciated Sue Johanson, Dr. Ruth, these women who were very, very forthright about sexuality and helping women find their pleasure. And, I feel like we have the ability to do that. And also with these different personalities coming together, we can do it with a lot of humor.

There were several shifts in late-night talk shows this past year, but what didn’t change was a woman host. What do you think is going on there?
I don’t know what it is. I’m a longtime fan of Chelsea Handler. It’s obvious from her work that a woman can definitely handle late-night and be a huge success. And so, I think it’s odd that we haven’t seen one in late-night in a while, since Stephanie Miller, who’s also great.

When E! was looking for a replacement for Joan Rivers on “Fashion Police,” TheWrap nominated you as someone we thought could do the job. Is that something you would’ve done?
Oh, yeah. I would have loved to do it. I’m hoping that I can get in on there somehow. They’re all great friends of mine. Of course, I was very close to Joan. So, I would really love to participate. It’s like my take on fashion is very different. I’m more sort of punk rock and indie, then the glamorous side of what they do. But, I still really believe in it. And I love that the platform is just comedy, really. And, I’m excited about that.

What are your thoughts on Kathy Griffin getting the gig?
She’s going to be great. She’s going to be awesome and she’s the perfect heir to that throne. And I think she’s going to really make it electrified. She’s going to bring in new energy. It’s going to be very much her own and very unique, and so that’s why I’d love to help her out with that. And, I’d like to watch it.

Tim Kenneally contributed to this article.