‘Walking Dead’ First Look: No One Puts Maggie in a Corner (Exclusive Photos)

Is there an immediate threat to the quarantine area on Sunday’s new episode of the AMC zombie drama?

Everyone’s on edge on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

And if TheWrap’s exclusive photos mean what we think they do, then the danger is ramping up on Sunday’s episode, titled “Internment,” airing at 9/8c on AMC.

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The first image shows Maggie (Lauren Cohan) pointing a gun at what we assume is the quarantine area, which is keeping prison inhabitants free of the virus affecting those in that area. There appears to be glass between her and whomever she’s aiming the gun at, though. So, “safe” is relative. But, you know they say: A cornered animal is the most dangerous kind.

In our second photo lies a zombie and it doesn’t appear to be anyone we know. But, check out its cloudy eyes. Could that be a sign that the virus is now infecting the zombies too?

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Here’s the quick description of “Internment” from AMC: “Multiple enemies put pressure on Rick and the group. Could this finally be the breaking point for the survivors and the prison?”

Take a look at our exclusive photos above and below.

Plus, watch a behind-the-scenes video from last week’s episode below:

Gene Page/AMC

Gene Page/AMC